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    10 Top Fashion Tips From Stylish Plus-Size Guys

    Go big or go home.

    1. Tailoring is key.

    Kelvin Davis

    "I buy shirts that are XL or XXL that fit in the torso, but are way too long in the sleeves, so I have to get them tailored to fit my arm length. Same with pants! Taking and adding a bit here and there is the best style tip, because it's never about the brand that you wear, it's how you wear it that matters the most." β€” Kelvin Davis, blogger at Notoriously Dapper

    2. Prints are your friend.

    Marquis Neal

    "Bold prints are the best and easiest way for me to style an outfit. From hats all the way down to shoes, they mix extremely well with basics, neutrals and even other textiles, but still offer a wearable edge." β€” Marquis Neal

    3. It's about quality, not quantity.

    Christos Sewell / Via Corbin Chamberlin

    "I'm constantly fighting my inner fashion victim from hoarding when I find something in my very limited size. I just buy items that I absolutely love to avoid a hoard of plus-size shit." β€” Corbin Chamberlin-Randall, writer

    4. But, you should stock up on pieces you love.

    Instagram: @matiugordon

    "When you find a piece of clothing you like, buy multiples to last a few seasons." β€” Matiu Gordon, blogger

    5. Wear your damn size already!

    Bruce Sturgell

    "After years of wearing bigger, baggier clothing, I realized that putting on clothes that are actually my size makes me look more put together and stylish. Learning not to be afraid to wear clothes that showed my shape was one of the best decisions I ever made." β€” Bruce Sturgell, Founding Editor of Chubstr

    6. Layer, layer, layer.

    Tevin Evans

    "There's nothing I love more than a great layering piece such as a cardigan, flannel shirt, blazer, or denim jacket. These are four staples that can easily dress up and make a basic white v-neck tee and jeans outfit look effortlessly cool!" β€” Tevin Evans

    7. If you want to wear it, shapewear for men does exist.

    Instagram: @StCloudPhotos / Via Michael-Anthony Spearman

    "As a gentlemen of large stature, my number one styling tip is wearing a compression undershirt. I know a lot of big guys like myself are self-conscious about their midsection and I know that proper compression under garments will make a world of difference in how you will appear and feel in your clothes." β€” Michael-Anthony Spearman

    8. Proportions are made to be played with.

    Trey Campbell

    "I love to pair longer t-shirts with more fitted jackets, blazers, or button down shirts, as well as a slim fit jean, jogger, or pant." β€” Trey Campbell, songwriter

    9. Don't be afraid to accessorize.

    Bruno Leandro

    "Make sure you style with accessories. Accessories are a great way to pull your look together and can also distract from other areas you might not be as proud of. I love wearing my wide brimmed hat. I feel like it always makes me look stylish and complete!" β€” Bruno Leandro, stylist and blogger

    10. Whatever happens, keep doing you.

    Dom Clark

    "Embrace fashion faux pas and rock them. Someone tells you that you wear too much denim? Rock it anyway, you don't need that kind of negativity!" β€” Dom Clark, photographer and blogger at It's Dom Clark