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    13 People With Disabilities Talk About Life Post-Election

    "I just hope we all can survive the next four years.”

    BuzzFeed recently asked people with disabilities about their feelings on the Affordable Care Act's possible repeal, and other issues that will impact their lives over the next four years. Here's what they had to say:

    1. Alice Wong, Researcher, Activist, and Consultant

    2. Kati Gardner, YA Author and Speaker

    3. Keah Brown, Journalist, Essayist, and Activist

    4. Dominick Evans, Film Director, Writer, and Activist

    5. Lizzy O., Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and Disability Advocate

    6. Emily Ladau, Writer, Speaker, and Activist

    7. Lydia X. Z. Brown, Activist/Organizer, Writer, and Speaker/Educator for Disability Justice and Collective Liberation

    8. Shain M. Neumeier, Attorney and Activist

    9. Imani Barbarin, Blogger, Accidental Activist, and Board Member at Break the Roof Ministries

    10. Linden Gue, Disabled Activist, Assistant to the Board of Psychiatric Service Dog Partners

    11. Vilissa Thompson, LMSW, Disability Rights Consultant, Writer, and Advocate

    12. Michele Kaplan, Intersectional Activist, Artist, and Disabled YouTuber

    13. Steve Way, Comedian and Motivational Speaker