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    19 Patriotic Looks To Try This 4th Of July

    It's a free country, so wear what you want.

    Happy Independence Day!

    1. Assuming you're not too busy saving the planet from a bunch of angry extraterrestrials, you have some strutting to do.

    2. Beach parties, BBQs, whatever you're up to this July 4...

    3.'s how to rock a patriotic look.

    4. You could start small, like with your hair or nails.

    6. Or use makeup to complete your tricolor ensemble.

    7. Or get more literal about it.

    9. Really commit, you know?

    11. Otherwise, show your stripes!

    13. Be they red or blue...

    17. ...classic or new.

    19. Whatever the case, be free and be you.

    Be safe and enjoy, everybody!