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    This $10 Blow Dryer Holder Will Change The Way You Get Ready

    Because the weak arm struggle is real.

    Hair dryers are a gift to humanity.

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    They can help you nail your intended style, or at least keep you from walking around like this all winter.


    Unfortunately, most hairdryers have one major flaw: you have to hold them up. With your arms.

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    Which, you know, isn't great.

    But that's only because you don't own this goddamn amazing hands-free hair dryer holder.

    Go ahead; take a moment to bask in all its glory.

    The JUMBL Hands-Free Hair Dryer Holder is all of the things. Seriously, listen to all the things it is.

    1) It allows you to dry hands-free, which means your arms won't fall off and you can multitask when you're short on time.

    2) It adheres to the wall without hardware, so minimal effort is required to install, and you won't have to spackle after.

    3) Since it's wall-mounted instead of on a stand like other hands-free dryer holders, you still have maximum sink-top space for all your brushes, bobby pins, and other junk.

    4) It's $9.99. You can't even get a decent pizza for $9.99.

    Plus, it won't take up as much precious real estate in your home as, say, one of these.

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    Simple? Yes. Magical? Definitely.

    So no more of this, okay? Don't be a hero.

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    You're welcome.

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