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    Lego Reportedly Responds To Requests For Inclusivity With New Toy In Wheelchair

    The company's new "City" set features a young person in a wheelchair, according to a fan blog.

    Lego may have just made one of its most inclusive toys to date.

    Fan blog Promobricks has posted pictures of the company's new "City"-themed toys at Germany's Nuremberg Toy Fair, featuring a figure in a wheelchair.

    Lego had previously released wheelchairs as part of their "Doctor's Clinic" and "Big City Hospital" sets, as well as a figure in a wheelchair in their "Duplo Community People" set.

    These sets were released under the company's "Duplo" brand, which is geared toward children 5 and under.

    However, the "Community People" set received criticism upon its release because out of 20 "people," the single figure in a wheelchair was also elderly.

    “It’s so disappointing that the only wheelchair-using figure across all Lego products is an elderly person being pushed along by a younger figure," Rebecca Atkinson, co-founder of Toy Like Me, a group encouraging toy makers to be more inclusive of children with disabilities, said at the time. "What does this say to children about disability? That it only exists in [people] over 65?”

    In a January 27 update on Toy Like Me's page petitioning Lego to make more inclusive minifigures, Atkinson wrote that the group had "genuine tears of joy" over the new figure, which they spotted at the London Toy Fair.

    "[Lego,] you've just made a 150 million children, their mums, dad, nans, granddads, teachers, carers, pet dogs and hamsters very VERY VERY happy," she said.

    Which seems true, judging by reactions on social media.

    New Lego set features wheelchair user! Thanks to #toylikeme for the early report, & their push toward representation

    Lego has included a wheelchair user with an assistance dog in their new Fun in the Park set unveiled at London Toy Fair. Thank you!

    baby minifig and wheelchair for minifig?!? WOOOOW!!! that's great!! All inclusive @LEGO_Group #Lego #City #toyfair2016

    BuzzFeed News has contacted Lego for more information on the new figure, but fan blog Brickfans reported the set will be available this summer.

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