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15 Lazy Girl Laundry Hacks That Will Change Your Life

So fresh and so clean (and so lazy).

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5. ...or spritz with linen spray to freshen up without washing.

Fun, vindicating fact: Washing too often may actually ruin your clothes. This spray ($10) comes in eight refreshing scents, and will quickly rid your once-worn clothes of any lingering smells without scary stuff like parabens or formaldehyde.


9. Get rid of static by using aluminium foil in place of dryer sheets.

Wil C. Fry / Via Flickr: saintseminole

Forgot to restock on dryer sheets? No need to run to the store — simply ball up a small amount of foil, then add balls to your dryer load.

10. Use a colander to wash delicate items...

Erueti Brown / Via Flickr: erueti

A colander will help you rinse detergent from your favorite garment, while preventing the weight of excess water from stretching its fabric (and preventing your arms from getting tired, which is important).


15. That "quick wash" setting on your laundry machine? Actually use it!

Maybe you don't know your machine has one, or maybe you just find laundry day so boring and painful you haven't bothered looking — but as long as your clothes aren't seriously soiled, quick wash can get the job done in way less time than normal. Here are several examples of what the setting might look like on your machine.