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    15 Lazy Girl Laundry Hacks That Will Change Your Life

    So fresh and so clean (and so lazy).

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    1. Get rid of grease stains with chalk or baby powder.

    Either product should soak the grease right up when left overnight — no scrubbing required.

    2. Reclaim the extra time it takes to hand-wash your bras by using special protective bags in the washing machine...

    3. ...and use an extra lingerie bag to keep all your socks in one place.

    4. Keep clothes smelling great with no-effort sachets...

    Just scatter them through your dresser drawers and walk away. Find a variety of scents ($3.50+) here.

    5. ...or spritz with linen spray to freshen up without washing.

    6. To nix wrinkles on a dry item without having to iron, put it back in the dryer with an ice cube or two.

    7. Alternatively, add a damp washcloth or hand towel.

    8. Or, to speed up a load's drying time, add a dry towel to soak up excess moisture.

    9. Get rid of static by using aluminium foil in place of dryer sheets.

    10. Use a colander to wash delicate items...

    11. ...and try a salad spinner to dry delicates more quickly without heat.

    12. To keep colors from running, add half a cup of vinegar to your load...

    13. ...or a teaspoon of salt.

    14. If you have space, use multiple hampers to pre-separate lights, darks, colors, and more.

    15. That "quick wash" setting on your laundry machine? Actually use it!

    See? Laundry isn't so bad after all.