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    19 Kitchen Fails So Disastrous They'll Inspire You

    Were you trying to blend a spoon?

    1. Not everyone in the world is meant to be a chef.

    2. But for some of us, it's worse than that.

    3. Yes, you're messy as hell.

    4. Yes, things don't always turn out picture-perfect.

    5. But also? You literally baked a knife into your pastry.

    6. You are actually going to need to call the fire department for this one.

    7. This isn't squid ink pasta...

    8. ...but this sure as fuck started out cauliflower.

    9. Your cupcakes either come out like soup...

    10. ...or like charcoal.

    11. You can't even be left alone with the microwave.

    12. Like, you had one job, dude.

    13. You're literally using a device intended to keep your eggs centralized!

    14. But how did you even—

    15. Were you mad?

    16. I don't understand.

    17. It is total carnage up in here.

    18. Honestly, just back away slowly.

    19. It's looking like Seamless again tonight.