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19 Kitchen Fails So Disastrous They'll Inspire You

Were you trying to blend a spoon?

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1. Not everyone in the world is meant to be a chef.

@alcambeeber / Via

2. But for some of us, it's worse than that.

@kathryn_munday / Via

3. Yes, you're messy as hell.

@the_life_of_nandy / Via

4. Yes, things don't always turn out picture-perfect.

@h3artline / Via

5. But also? You literally baked a knife into your pastry.

http://@r.lunsmann / Via

6. You are actually going to need to call the fire department for this one.

@jessiburk / Via

7. This isn't squid ink pasta...

@karolcorreat / Via

8. ...but this sure as fuck started out cauliflower.

@jilllinson / Via

9. Your cupcakes either come out like soup...

@hellsbells2011 / Via

10. ...or like charcoal.

@zombie_panda_desu / Via

11. You can't even be left alone with the microwave.

@daniely_kameleontti / Via

12. Like, you had one job, dude.

@melissa_fit_mn / Via

13. You're literally using a device intended to keep your eggs centralized!

@jakezelman / Via

14. But how did you even—

@mekkiepekkie / Via

15. Were you mad?

@theroamingrestaurant / Via

16. I don't understand.

@mandas_heart / Via

17. It is total carnage up in here.

@terhikki123 / Via

18. Honestly, just back away slowly.

@shanandrala / Via

19. It's looking like Seamless again tonight.

@adamkoprowski / Via

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