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Barbie Put A Boy In An Ad For The First Time Ever And People Are Freaking Out


This week, Barbie released a commercial for its newest doll: Moschino Barbie.

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The doll is a collaboration between Barbie and Italian design house Moschino.

And people are losing their minds because for the first time in 56 years, the face of the brand is a little boy.

And he is SO FIERCE.

Moschino / Via

Chillin' with his friends, lookin' like a mini Jeremy Scott.

Moschino / Via

(Scott is Moschino's creative director, btw, and has previously admitted his lifelong obsession with Barbie.)

He's so helpful, too, assisting his girl MB with her bag...

Moschino / Via

...and even screening her calls.

Moschino / Via

Naturally, the charismatic little dude has spawned a fanbase.

Hell yeah, Moschino Barbie Boy. You keep doing you.

Moschino / Via