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These 9 Women Are Wearing Exactly What They've Been Told Not To And It's Totally Awesome

"This is me inspiring women all over the world to love themselves as they are, because YOU ARE ENOUGH."

The clothing company SmartGlamour has just released an inspiring campaign called #ImFlattered, featuring nine women showcasing their "flaws."

The campaign shows women reclaiming remarks others have made about their bodies, specifically in relation to what clothing would be most "flattering" on them.

Facebook: SmartGlamour

SmartGlamour owner Mallorie Dunn found her models by putting out a call for women who had been on the receiving end of such unsolicited comments. She says she received "tons upon tons" of responses.

As Dunn points out, "flattering" is a loaded word.

Facebook: SmartGlamour

"The word flattering, as a stand alone, is not a bad one," Dunn says on her blog. "The definition is pleasing or gratifying... But [now, contextually] having 'flattering clothing' basically means, 'That makes you look thin.'

"Specifically in the land of women, we are told every day – subconsciously and blatantly – that we should be smaller. We should have no visible fat, cellulite, or imperfections."

Like a boss, Dunn made each model a piece of clothing to best showcase their "flaws."

"I have a long scar on my back from scoliosis surgery," Liz Richards, who took part in the campaign, tells BuzzFeed Life. "Once at the gym a woman told me I should put a shirt on (I was in a sports bra) because 'Nobody wants to look at that.'"

Facebook: SmartGlamour

"I was so embarrassed I just left, and it's made me very conscious of how my back is exposed with what I wear... [but] I think what [Dunn] is doing to help women embrace their bodies and what makes them unique is just incredible."

"I'm a 55-year-old woman in a business (film) that puts a premium on young men and skinny women," says model Mara Lesemann. "It's been years since I felt as strong and beautiful as I did at [this] shoot."

"Put the 'girls' away," the comment Mikaela Lynn Johnson chose to highlight, is particularly telling of how women's bodies and wardrobes are disproportionately policed.

Facebook: SmartGlamour

Johnson tells BuzzFeed Life, "This campaign ... has given me an opportunity to revisit judgments others have expressed about my body and say, 'That's not about me.'"

"This is me inspiring my young nieces, my young cousins, and women all over the world to love themselves as they are, because YOU ARE ENOUGH," says Fearlessly Just Me blogger Marcy Cruz.

"The energy and vibe at the photo shoot was incredible. Every woman there was empowering one another," Linni Rutledge tells BuzzFeed Life. "That's how it should be every day in every situation."

Amen! Keep on rocking it, ladies.