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"I Wish I Could Wear" Gives A Body-Positive Spin On Fashion

Stop wishing, start wearing.

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It's no wonder we're so unsure about this stuff, considering the way most media tries to manipulate women's insecurities — but the folks at Amazon Fashion Europe are hoping to change this with their new I Wish I Could Wear campaign, shot by Rankin.

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Marsha, Ana, and Ingrid star in the first part of the campaign, discussing well-worn style tropes, like how bright colors don't look good on pale skin, how tall women shouldn't wear heels, and how plus-size women don't belong in trendy clothes.


The first set of models then partnered with Lauren, Natalie, and Fiona — three non-models found on Twitter — to show them how incredible they look when they choose to break the rules.

“We created this campaign with the hope that it would help to empower women to wear what they like, and not feel limited by their perceived flaws," Amazon Fashion Content Director Siobhan Mallen tells BuzzFeed Life.

Courtesy Amazon Fashion Europe

"It was important for us to involve Ingrid, Ana and Marsha – three strong and stylish women who dress for themselves and celebrate what makes them different."

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