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    This New "Doctor Who" Clothing Line Is Size-Inclusive And Awesome

    This is the collection you've been searching through all of time and space for.

    So, Hot Topic has just released a Doctor Who clothing collection.

    Inspired by the long-running BBC show, this line is the latest in a string of Hot Topic and sister store Torrid's geek chic collaborations. And it is really freaking cool.

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    (Unfortunately, the Regeneration dress isn't yet for sale.)

    Items are available on the retailer's website in sizes XS to 5X, including the Eleventh Doctor Dress, starting at $64.50...

    (... and matching capelet, starting at $54.50...)

    ... as well as a Fourth Doctor Striped Cardigan, starting at $48.50...

    ... and a Fair Isle one, starting at $49.50.

    Plus there are plenty of TARDIS-inspired pieces, like this skater dress, starting at $49.50...

    ... this lace-up dress, starting at $79.50...

    ... a sweater, starting at $44.50...

    ... and a coat, starting at $89.50...

    ... which, naturally, is not what you'd expect on the inside.

    (And which is inspiring would-be shoppers to get creative.)

    Damn, indeed.

    And the coat isn't the only piece fans are going bananas over.

    Seriously. If you're going to make an exception to your normal dress code, now's the time.

    "When we go to conventions, we see a lot of fans are plus-size, and they're very vocal about asking for extended sizes," Cindy Levitt, SVP of merchandising and marketing at Hot Topic, tells BuzzFeed Life. "It's important for us to stand for those women."

    So what are you waiting for, Whovians? Treat yo self!

    H/T The Mary Sue