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17 Hidden Piercings You Can Maybe Get Away With At Work

Be your own hidden treasure.

1. Look at this lil flipped-up septum ring.

2. (Now you see it, now you don't.)

3. It's jewelry you don't always have to wear visibly, but you also never need to find a box for.

4. Smileys are spectacular...

5. ... and frenulum piercings are so darling, so deer.

6. It's the best of both damn worlds!

7. Just a little curved barbell...

8. ... or a hoop can change everything.

9. From standard glam to tragus-tastic...

10. ... clean-ish cut to cute and creative.

11. Preppy pretty to punk rock...

12. ... office appropriate to Oh shit, that helix looks amazing on you!

13. Don't get me started on this teeny tiny tragus...

14. ... this itty-bitty rook barbell...

15. ... or this delightful dermal.

16. And if you think this twofer is cute...

17. ... wait 'til you see this three-in-a-row.

Yeah, you know it's worth it.

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