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15 Depressing Meals That Will Make You Cry Into Your Ketchup-Topped Spaghetti

Desperation, served lukewarm.

1. This unfulfilled promise of a taco.

2. This pitiful pot.

3. These lonely lentils.

4. This cottage tuna.

5. "Three hunks of beef seasoned with nothing."

6. This abomination that makes you wonder, is more really more?

7. This depressing dearth of sides.

8. These hors d'oeuvres, which manage to be at once classy and extremely disheartening.

9. This mustard-and-misery combo.

10. Just so we're clear, part of this tortilla was also an appetizer.

Hot Pastrami on New York Rye. A simple classic from @KatzsDeli, New York, New York.

11. These somber leftovers.

12. This bowl of bleakness.

Gnocchi with Sage-Butter Sauce - Hollywood, California

13. These cucumber catastrophes.

14. And this shrimp-less cocktail.

15. We're not in Napoli anymore.