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19 Life-Changing Kitchen Products That'll Up Your Chef Game In 2016

BuzzFeed reader recommended, foodie approved.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community what one life-changing item they wish they'd owned sooner. Here are the kitchen products they love the most.

1. An egg cooker.

"Eight boiled eggs at a time, perfectly cooked, because I can never time them right and end up forgetting about them every flippin' time when I make them on the stove." Submitted by Chesilin Laurita Suek, Facebook

Pick one up here.

2. A chopper that does not fuck around.

"The Vidalia Chop Wizard makes all my cooking prep work so easy and fast, especially when I'm making something that calls for a large amount of chopped or diced vegetables." Submitted by alc10d

Here's where to buy it.


5. A rice maker.

"Bulk rice is cheaper than a box of minute rice, and the rice maker has a steamer tray for vegetables. Plus I can turn it on and go walk the dog and come back and it's done! I use it two to three days a week!" Submitted by Mandy Hubbard, Facebook

Get it here.


7. A water filter built right into your sink.

"It was relatively inexpensive (maybe $50 plus $30 refills every six months), but now my water tastes much better. You don't notice the flavor from miles of skeezy, slimy pipes bringing the water to your house until it's gone." Submitted by kellyhascats

Here you go.


13. A good water bottle.

"My S'well water bottle. Keeps things cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. Took mine to the beach for about five hours in 90ยบ weather, left it in the car overnight, and it still had ice." Submitted by Maddiejed

Grab a cold one here.


15. A food processor.

"I just bought one after years of doing everything by hand. The first time I used it, I laughed so maniacally that my husband came in to check that I wasn't going insane." Submitted by l42e2684ac

People seem to like this one.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.