21 Things That Happen When You Decide To Grow Out Your Short Hair

    Long hair, totally care.

    1. That first day you commit to growing out what little hair you've got.

    2. When your hair gets juuuuust long enough to be made into something vaguely bob-like.

    3. The inevitable accidental mullet stage.

    4. But then, when you can finally put it in a ponytail!

    5. And then, first time you can finally put it in a ponytail without bobby pins, and you are SO EXCITED.

    6. When it starts to touch your shoulders.

    7. The midway point when you can't stop thinking of cutting it all off.

    8. Because everywhere you look, there's some "must-have" lob or pixie or undercut to try.

    9. That period when it's not long enough to stay behind your ears, so it's just in your face all the time.

    10. But then, when you can tuck it behind your ears and it doesn't pop out.

    11. Realizing you and your partner have to do this new thing where you constantly stop making out because there's basically always hair in your mouth(s).

    12. The first time you try blowdrying that shit, but your arms aren't yet up to the task.

    13. When you read that hair that gets regularly trimmed is healthier, but you're not ready to part with a centimeter.

    14. So you prepare to wrestle the scissors out of the hairdresser's hands so she doesn't give you more than the trim you asked for.

    15. When you try a new style for the first time... but it doesn't go as planned.

    16. The day you start finding long, scraggly hairs in all of your laundry...

    17. ... aaaaand in your butt in the shower.

    18. The first time it gets really windy out, but you forgot to bring a hair tie.

    19. And the first time you start to lose it because there's a hair in your food, but then it turns out it was just a hair still stuck to your head that found its way into your mouth.

    20. When after a while, its growth seems to slow down... drastically.

    21. And finally, when you realize you don't really mind that much, because your timeline is already full of 🔥 🔥 🔥 selfies anyway.