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17 People Who Prove Gap-Tooth Smiles Are Totally Contagious

Go on — try not to smile along.

1. This painfully cute combination.

mar_manu / Via

2. This gap 'n' glasses gorgeousness.

elegantrevolt / Via

3. This bespectacled mop top.

uchoa_69 / Via

4. This smile that looks smashing with saturated colors.

newafrican / Via

5. This wide grin on the water...

beingcurlyliz / Via

6. ... and this fox, accessorized with freckles and funk.

7. This guy, who can't believe how freakin' handsome he is.

phuti__mothusi / Via

8. This beachgoer, who's happiest with the wind in her hair...

talitayellow / Via

9. ... and this golden-loc'd grinner.

lockprincess / Via

10. This subtle smiler, who's having a thoroughly chill day.

11. Plus this strawberry blonde stunner...

teaflex / Via

12. ... the gap-and-curls combo...

d_opey / Via

13. ... and this bashful smile, too.

gwendolyn_wheeler / Via

14. This flawless fish photo face...

allbeforebreakfast / Via

15. ... this double trouble...

mizz_miimii / Via

16. ... and finally, this dude, who's simply too adorable to stop laughing.

joelakamag / Via

Come on, get gappy.

CBS / Via
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