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    17 People Who Prove Gap-Tooth Smiles Are Totally Contagious

    Go on — try not to smile along.

    1. This painfully cute combination.

    2. This gap 'n' glasses gorgeousness.

    3. This bespectacled mop top.

    4. This smile that looks smashing with saturated colors.

    5. This wide grin on the water...

    6. ... and this fox, accessorized with freckles and funk.

    7. This guy, who can't believe how freakin' handsome he is.

    8. This beachgoer, who's happiest with the wind in her hair...

    9. ... and this golden-loc'd grinner.

    10. This subtle smiler, who's having a thoroughly chill day.

    11. Plus this strawberry blonde stunner...

    12. ... the gap-and-curls combo...

    13. ... and this bashful smile, too.

    14. This flawless fish photo face...

    15. ... this double trouble...

    16. ... and finally, this dude, who's simply too adorable to stop laughing.

    Come on, get gappy.