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9 Dream Manicures We Wish Were A Reality

Retractable nails FTW!

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Did you hear about Lucie Davis, the London fashion student who hacked her commute by embedding an Oyster card chip in her manicure?

@luciedavis / Via

An Oyster card is a pass used for bus and train transportation around London, much like NYC's MetroCard. Instead of searching for her card every time she had to go somewhere, Davis' nails allowed her to simply wave her hand over the scanner for admission.

Well, we've been thinking about it... and here are a few other fantasy manicures that could seriously change your life.


7. Studying Nails

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Even the best students (and other readers) forget their writing utensils sometimes — but with these nails, you'll be able to highlight and make notes no matter what. A+!

8. Speaker Nails

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

No more having to untangle the nest your headphones turned into in your purse — these nails will play your jams everywhere you go. But please, be considerate of your neighbors.