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    17 Fake Tattoos So Good You'll Wish They Were Actually Real

    No "tribal" or weird sayings for me, thanks.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    Summer is here — the time of year when many of us wish we were (more) covered in tattoos.

    billiebeever / Via

    But since summer is actually an awful time to get inked (see: sunburn, swimming, general soreness and itching that will ruin the fun and relaxing activities you had planned), here are 17 temporary tattoos that put your standard fakes to shame.

    1. This baller bouquet...

    $18 for eight gorgeous blooms. Get them here.

    2. ... some marvelous moons...

    Get them here for $8.92.

    3. ... and these terrific triangles, too.

    Get it for $5 here.

    4. This hybrid hottie...

    This little lady, drawn by tattooer Jon Garber, is $7 here.

    5. ... and this delightful dragon.

    Also by Jon Garber. Get it here for $7.

    6. Plus a precious pinecone...

    Available right here for $5.

    7. ... and some wonderful whales.

    These vintage-style cuties will blow everyone out of the water. Ge them for $18 here.

    8. These creepy peepers...

    Two eyes for $5. Get 'em here.

    9. ... plus these badass blossoms.

    Get these hand-drawn blooms for $10, right about here.

    10. These origami instructions.

    11. (Why stop with just a paper plane?)

    Get it here for $4.01.

    12. The finest of ferns...

    Get is for $5.24 right here.

    13. ... these striped shells...

    $6 for six tats. Pick them up here.

    14. ... and one totally radical rabbit.

    This design is by Canada-based tattooer Nomi Chi. Each package includes two bunnies for $7. Get it here.

    15. Plus these beautiful bugs...

    $10.27 for two sets, and not nearly as creepy as the real thing can get. Get them here.

    16. ... this funny little feather...

    Hi, tiny! Get it for $3 here.

    17. ... and last but not least, this rock 'n' roll rose.

    Classic, and available for $10 here.

    Happy tatted up summer, everyone!