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Here's How Women Are Responding To Instagram's #Curvy Ban

#Curvee is as #curvy was.

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed Life reported that the hashtag #curvy was a banned search term on Instagram.

In the wake of the story, body image activists and other users of the app have expressed their disappointment with Instagram's decision.

Why has Instagram banned the hashtag 'curvy' that is the most mother flipping ridiculous thing I've heard in a longggg time.

I CANNOT BELIEVE @instagram HAVE REMOVED THE OPTION TO SEARCH THE WORD #CURVY. Is that not absolutely disgusting?

Ew, @instagram is being ridiculous yet again. Bans the hashtag #curvy but keeps #fatso, #bitch and #hooker.

Sorry @instagram. won't be using your app if you're going to be shaming and censoring the #curvy women. Rethink your policies.

So Instagram has banned #curvy and #freethenippple but not #vagina. Interesting.

Of the tags women are using on and off Instagram — #bringcurvyback, #stillcurvy, #youcanttakemycurves, and more — one seems to really be sticking: #curvee.

The tag originated in a series of tweets by blogger Katt Cupcake.

In light of @instagram barring #curvy from their searches, tonight at 8pm I will be posting photos with hashtag #curvee... JOIN ME! 8pm!

Since then, hundreds of #curvee posts have poured in from around the world.

Some posters discussed the sense of community #curvy brought them...

"[#Curvy was] used by many a #psblogger to help share the #psinspiration."

"That word gave so many of us plus size girls hope when we found other women just like us."

"It's this whole community including hashtags that has brought a whole new meaning to my life."

...and even non-fans of the term defended its value for others...

"I never really used the term curvy before as I prefer blunt terms like fat, but I'm peeved that curvy people of all sizes can't hashtag curvy now. It seems like overkill."

...and some interesting questions were asked.

"Why does the word #cunts get to stay but #curvy gets banned?"

"When you wake up and hear @instagram has banned the hashtag curvy potentially because there are too many 'indecent' and 'porn-like' pictures and yet #massivecock #cunts #tittyfuck and various others aren't banned. I was mad when I realized a poor defenseless vegetable hashtag had been banned, but now you're banning this?"

"How are we supposed to make strides in body positivity if one of the most acceptable terms for fat is deemed unacceptable? Some people aren't comfortable with describing themselves as #fat or #plussized or #bigger, and the term 'curvy' helps them feel comfortable in the #size that they are."

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