People Are Using The Hashtag #BurritoSelfie And It Is As Glorious As You'd Imagine

    Are these the greatest love stories of our time?

    If you are currently alive on planet Earth, you know burritos are one of mankind's greatest inventions.

    Which is why people have taken to using the hashtag #burritoselfie.

    Yes, #burritoselfie. It doesn't mean your burrito taking a photo of itself, in church or otherwise.

    Nor is it taking a selfie with a small burro (however cute that may be).

    It's not even using your burrito as a selfie-taking device.

    1. In its purest form, a #burritoselfie is an unadulterated, untamed expression of how much people love their burritos.

    2. See the joy.

    3. The adventure!

    4. The romance.

    5. Capture the moment.

    6. Savor your alone time, when you both can just be you.

    7. Or share your love with others, because that's what friends do.

    8. Go meta with it.

    9. Or simply immortalize your time together, so that you can always relive those memories.

    10. Yes.


    12. Triple yes.

    13. Whether it's half your height...

    14. ... or as big as your face...

    15. ... and ~especially~ if it could fill a baby's car seat...

    16. ... for the love of all that's scrumptious, don't stop dishing out those #burritoselfies.

    17. We can take it.

    Keep on 'ritin' in the free world.