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21 Products For Making Your Big Hair Even Better

Big-haired babes share their favorite ways to pump up the volume.

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1. Lush "Big" Shampoo

"It’s a sea salt shampoo, but with the added oils it’s actually very moisturizing. Just wash your hair and blow dry it, and there is a noticeable difference in volume. It's seriously a miracle." —elim4228e52c4

Find it ($27.95) here.

2. Motions Foaming Hair Wrap Lotion

"Use it with hot rollers. Section your hair, get some foam in your hands and smooth it on the hair, then wrap the roller and wait till your head is cool. Spray with hair spray before removing. It’s a pageant trick!" —kristyleehochenbergerw

Get it ($4.97) here.

4. Parlor by Jeff Chastain Sea Salt Spray

"It makes my curls less frizzy and more 'shaped.' I put my freshly-showered hair in a half-pulled-through pony/bun, spray it before bed, then wake up in the morning and take the pony out for big volume and pretty curls!" —anneo42f4e5e98

Get some ($24) here.


7. Joy Mangano Mini Travel Steamer

"I have big, kinky, curly hair, and I use a small travel steamer on my curls in the morning. Just a few seconds of steam will fluff your curls and give them moisture without frizz." —chrisa443ec9017

Pick one up ($39.99) here.

8. DevaCurl No-Poo and Conditioner

"The specialist I use for my big curls/waves recommended them. After a shower, I dry my hair with a microfiber towel, add styling and moisture cream, and sit back and let my hair dry naturally." —farahpiriyev

Find them ($8.95+) here.

10. Bed Head "Hard Head" Spray

"I used to do theatre, and dancing and hot stage lights can ruin a 'do in no time. But Hard Head Hairspray is concrete for your hair! Just tease the hair under your poof a tad, comb smooth strands back over it, spray it at least seven inches from your head so it doesn’t turn into a sticky slick, and you’ve got hair for days." —maddiel40f0cf237

Get it ($14.99+) here.


11. Butterfly Clips

"To keep your roots from getting flat, pin your hair up with butterfly clips while it's wet and let it air dry. It works great for naturally curly hair!" —BuzzfeedHolographic

Pick a bunch up ($9.99) here.

12. Garnier Fructis Full and Plush Voluptuous Blow Out

"When my hair is about 50% dry, I make an extreme side part. Then I comb two grape-sized blobs through my roots with my fingers, and continue making parts and repeating the process until I get to the other side of my head. Lastly, I blow dry my roots first while pulling them upward with my brush for maximum volume!" —dcbylsma61288

Get some for yourself ($5.99) here.


16. AquaNet

"A lot of other hairsprays I’ve tried require me to use a ton of product, but AquaNet is cool because it keeps my hair up in a ponytail with just a light misting." —CateGinsberg

Find a bottle ($2.89) here.

17. Not Your Mother's Deep Conditioner

"I have big curly hair, and this completely changes the way my hair comes out. I put it on right when I get out of the shower, and it makes my hair so soft and not frizzy. It also smells great!" —lexcib2000

Pick some up ($7.99) here.

19. Goody Bun Spirals

"They are sooo easy, and they're *amazing* for keeping topknots in place. I recently wore my hair up for four consecutive days (don’t judge), no adjustment necessary, with just bun spirals." —Sahvana

Find them ($6.93) here.

20. Babo Botanicals Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler

"My hair becomes very tangly, especially at the ends. To counteract that, I use a Wet Brush and Babo's shampoo, conditioner, and detangling spray." —Sunshinepolice

Find them all ($13.95+) here.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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