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19 Things People With A Lot Of Hair Will Recognize

The bigger the hair, the closer to God.

1. Photos of you are always 90% mane.

@this_Katie / Via Twitter: @this_Katie

2. In fact, you're pretty good at rocking that "girl from The Ring" thing...

cookieglutes / Via

3. ... though all it takes to blind you is one gust of wind.

@curlygxddess / Via Twitter: @curlygxddess

4. When it comes to brushes, combs, and hair ties, you're something of a serial killer...

@sahara_lan / Via

RIP, little guy.

5. ... and basically all hats fit you like this.


6. (Hoods aren't much better, TBH.)

@candiceknoxnielsen / Via

7. There's a constant power struggle between your topknot and your car ceiling...

@addyeB / Via Twitter: @addyeB

Open that sunroof, girl!

8. ... and between you and the poor souls sitting behind you.

http://@cody.hartman / Via

9. You've learned over the years that brushing doesn't actually make your hair more manageable.

@carahunt11 / Via Twitter: @carahunt11

10. And when it's muggy out? Yeah, don't even bother.

11. Your hair always gets a separate patdown from TSA agents...

vicariousverve / Via

No, sir. I said my hair is THE bomb.

12. ... who very well may find some leftover food in there...

Summit Entertainment

13. ... and definitely a bobby pin — or 100.

@Alyssa_Nelson11 / Via Twitter: @Alyssa_Nelson11

14. And let us not forget this eternal struggle.

@life_goals_itworks / Via

15. Washing and drying takes waaaay longer than it's supposed to...

@LaserPunk / Via Twitter: @LaserPunk

16. ... and your conditioner budget is NYC rent-level ridiculous.

@girlposts / Via Twitter: @girlposts

17. And while blow drying is the reason you have any upper body strength at all...


18. ... sometimes, you just gotta let your XXL shower cap do the work.

Jinx McCombs / Via Flickr: 64443083@N00

(Okay, so that's a fitted sheet. You get it.)

19. Honestly, though, all this fabulous is a pretty good problem to have.

@danojenki / Via