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17 Wondrous Things That Will Make Life With Boobs Easier

'Cause your body's too boobylicious for 'em, babe.

Charlotte Gomez / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

1. Keep the twins dry with boob-specific antiperspirant.

Fresh Breasts is a talc-free cream that dries to a clumpless powder. Get it here ($11.99), and keep your boob sweat at bay all day.

2. Or fight sweat and discomfort with a bra liner.

These bamboo liners will keep you dry all day, and put a nice buffer between your underwire and your girls. Grab one ($19.95) here.

3. Banish boob gap (no sewing required!).

Kristin Chirico / BuzzFeed

Apply lazy girl hack test winner sticky-back Velcro to your button-down shirts, and live gap-free forever. Pick up a pack ($5.99) here.

4. Know your underwires.

@taratorialist / Via

For all the conversation around finding the right bra size, there's surprisingly little out there about how underwire shapes vary across brands. Educate yourself on underwires here, and abolish armpit-poking for good.

5. Wash before wearing...

@lsbn504 / Via

Unless you're buying a new bra just so you have a clean one to wear immediately, you should give it a wash β€” or three β€” to soften it up ahead of time and avoid rubbing. Simple, but important.

6. ...which you can do with durable bra-washing bags...

Hand-washing bras? Ain't nobody got time for that! You should never put a bra in the dryer β€” but for the wash cycle, you can cheat with tough bags that guard against snagging and bending. Grab a set of three ($9.97) here.

7. ...or with a salad spinner!

Yep, that thing you use to dry out your greens can also be used to gently clean your bras. Pick up a spinner ($24.99+) here, and learn more about washing here.

8. Save your shoulders with bra strap pads...

These smart silicone pads are the solution to those uncomfortable red marks left by your over-the-shoulder boulder holder. Get a pair ($12) here.

9. ...and keep your straps from slipping with this lifesaving holder.

No more having to pull up your straps while you're biking, washing dishes, making pottery...or whatever it is you do that really requires both hands. Find a set of four holders ($7.99) here.

10. Cover exposed underwires with this quick fix...

If you're tired of getting impaled by rogue underwires, moleskin makes for a great temporary repair. Learn more about patching up and avoiding underwire injury here, and grab a roll of moleskin ($5.99) here.

11. ...and cover exposed high beams with nipple pasties.

If you want to play down your natural perk without the padding, these sticky petals will keep you pointedly not-pointy. Get them ($15.99 for three pairs) here.

12. Adjust your straps and band frequently.

David Schexnaydre / Via Flickr: dschex

Your bra can only do so much if it's not adjusted correctly, and since bust size fluctuates often (with your menstrual cycle and other events), you'll want to double-check your straps every time you put it on. Oh, and always fasten a new bra on the loosest hooks so you can tighten it as it stretches out.

13. Skip the pinch with a pack of bra extenders.

We'd all like to be able to get new bras every time we go up a band size, but that's not always a reality. In the meantime, bra extenders can give you just that little bit of length. Get a pack of two-hook extenders ($6.99) here, and three-hook extenders ($5.94) here.

14. Use a convertible bra strap to keep your strapless from slipping.

If you have a convertible bra that can go strapless, wrapping a strap just below your bra will keep it from constantly trying to slide down. Hooray!

15. Get a racerback real quick with these converters...

If you can't find an actual racerback bra you like, these converters can make your standard bra a no-show under tank tops. You could do the same thing with a paperclip, but you're an adult: Leave the office supplies in the office, and get the actual converters ($5.99) here.

16. ...and wear this extender with a low-back dress.

Think you can't wear low-cut dresses and tops? Think again. This magical converter loops around your waist to prevent a look-ruining bra interruption. Find one for yourself ($10) here.

17. Give each of your bras a rest by alternating daily.

@organizingrx / Via

You probably have that one bra you love the best, but sadly, wearing the same bra two days in a row is a surprisingly bad idea. Repeated wear won't give your bra's elastic time to bounce back, and pressure on the same points day after day will get uncomfortable β€” so always be sure to switch it up.