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People Are Using This Hashtag To Celebrate Body Diversity

The hashtag-turned-website aims to show all shapes and sizes.

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And share they have, sending messages of body love both to themselves...

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"To those who tried to bring me down," said Instagram user @rasta__baby in a #becauseitsmybody-tagged post, "I appreciate the break down for the come up in my life. I'm just getting started and I have a long way to go, so stay tuned!"


... and to others.

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"Chill girl," @lexkhenry captioned her "bikini body"-themed #becauseitsmybody photo. "You got this."

Seeing the success of the campaign on Instagram, Mercedes decided to launch a Because It's My Body site with a collaborative, body-embracing photo campaign.

Kevin Whittaker

"When I started the Instagram campaign, it was women who were using the hashtag," Mercedes told BuzzFeed, "but I made sure to specify that anybody can use the tag and be featured — men, women, tall, short, skinny, plus-size, LGBTQ, etc. Since I saw that the Instagram page was getting so many positive reactions and so many people were using the tag, I wanted to launch a website."

"The women that I chose for this campaign are models, activists, and friends," said Mercedes. "I liked that we all had different body shapes and heights."

Kevin Whittaker

"Whatever the media shows has a major impact on people. If mainstream image-makers featured more diverse women, it would help so many people's state of mind."

"This is the first photo shoot of many that I have coming for my campaign," she told BuzzFeed. "I plan to get creative and use different people who would like to join in and support it."

Kevin Whittaker

"People can get involved by simply using #BecauseItsMyBody," she said. "Anyone who feels like they can relate to my campaign can do it."