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    19 Beauty Tips That Have Changed People's Lives

    Eyebrow wisdom, clear skin tricks, and some stuff that comes from the inside, too.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their best beauty advice. Here's what they had to say:

    Please note that these aren’t medical recommendations. Check with your doctor before changing your routine if you have sensitive skin.

    1. Don't let symmetry stress you out.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It seems simple, but a lot of us can get frustrated by the different arches or direction of hair growth on our two brows. You will go nuts if you try to make them match perfectly; as long as they can somewhat be identified as being part of the same gene pool, you're fine!" —Lauren Romero, Facebook

    2. Try a new way to slough off skin.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Take a nail brush and scrub all over your body before getting in the shower — it removes way more dead skin than doing it in the shower with expensive scrubs." —canvas8282

    3. Trust nature to do its job.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It does everything! Acne? Aloe. Dry skin on your elbows? Aloe. Razor burn? Aloe. It helped get my acne under control and healed all my old acne scars, so now my skin is even clearer than during my best days with old routines." —ohhowthecamera

    4. Stay smooth.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It works so well, and my makeup goes on so much smoother now!" —treblemaker16

    5. Slather on that SPF.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Put it beside your toothbrush and apply it to your face, neck and ears before you go outside, no matter what." —marym47db31ae2

    6. Keep it slick.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Olive oil is amazing for dry skin and chapped lips, too — just be careful around your eyes)!" —Elisa Righele, Facebook

    7. Break the bad habits.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "It used to be a habit of mine, but since I stopped doing it, I get way fewer breakouts." —annalisa123

    8. Slay skin issues from the inside out.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I changed the contraceptive pill I was on, and now my skin is 10 times better! I only get a couple of spots during my period now. Even then, they're pimples rather than deep-rooted cycstic acne, and are much easier to deal with." —Meg Sanders, Facebook

    9. Make moisturizer multi-use.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    —Jennifer Suzanne Skornik, Facebook

    10. Get back to basics.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I've struggled with acne most of my adolescent and adult life, but over the year and a half I've been doing that, my skin has never been better!" —Mattie Lamont, Facebook

    11. Make your skin a little sweeter.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "My skin has since become less prone to irritation, and doesn’t get flaky in winter! It has done wonders." —Samalanderg

    12. Keep smiling, keep shining.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    —Anita Goodlatte, Facebook

    13. Blend, blend, blend.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    14. Know that other people's beauty doesn't negate your own.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "Admire their beauty, but admire your own, too — a sunset is beautiful, but so is a rose, and a hummingbird, and music. Everyone has their own unique beauty, so play up yours." —dylanrae

    15. Oil up.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "My lashes fell off after I curled them, but after a couple months of applying castor oil to my lash line, they've grown back even longer." —Nabilla Irawan, Facebook

    16. Get witchy.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I have always had the most complex combination type of skin: Dry, yet oily; horrific acne one month, 90% clear skin the next. But witch hazel (along with a little lavender for calming and good-smelling purposes) has become the best thing for my once stubborn, unpredictable skin!" —zoec4afe07b87

    17. Experiment to your heart's content.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    18. Feel like a nut.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "As eye makeup remover, while shaving (to reduce razor burn), to soften heels or moisturize dry/brittle nails, etc. I use it on a daily basis, and one jar has lasted me over a year." —angelas43a549d6c

    19. Be perfectly imperfect.

    Getty Images / Nora Whelan

    "I always disliked how pale my skin was, and my dark hair made it even more obvious. I tried wearing a darker shade of foundation and bronzer to blend in, but when I started working at a cosmetic store, everyone complimented me on my natural complexion — and now, I actually go out of my way to enhance it! Whether its a scar, freckles, or something else, I find that when you embrace that feature and bring it into your beauty routine, you shine more than you ever thought you could." —rhiannond49eeb461b

    Looking good!

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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