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    17 People Whose Lipstick Game Is Out Of Control

    Meanwhile, my lipstick's all over my teeth.

    1. This look that makes you thankful for geometry class after all.

    2. A nude that's anything but basic...

    3. ...and some very holler-worthy holly.

    4. This pout, which could have been painted by Pollock.

    5. Ombré lips that'll leave you in awe.

    6. (These ones too!)

    7. And this strawberry-studded set that looks good enough to eat.

    8. Plus an ultra-luxe animal print...

    9. ... and some simply marvelous marbling.

    10. These sleek stripes.

    11. This gorgeous galaxy...

    12. ...and these surprisingly glam gravestones.

    13. Some absurdly cool quadrants.

    14. Plus bold spots and stripes...

    15. ...and this strikingly sultry skyline.

    16. And finally, this delicious pizza party for one...

    17. ...and this sweet treat for dessert, of course.

    May your hands be steady and your pigment be bright.