17 People Whose Lipstick Game Is Out Of Control

Meanwhile, my lipstick’s all over my teeth.

1. This look that makes you thankful for geometry class after all.

sarahmcgbeauty / Via

2. A nude that’s anything but basic…

girlgreybeauty / Via

3. …and some very holler-worthy holly.

grinanddagger / Via

4. This pout, which could have been painted by Pollock.

rebellebeautyx / Via

5. Ombré lips that’ll leave you in awe.

makeup_by_sarahk / Via

6. (These ones too!)

vesselofblood / Via

7. And this strawberry-studded set that looks good enough to eat.

vladamua / Via

8. Plus an ultra-luxe animal print…

andeedoll / Via

9. … and some simply marvelous marbling.

suuzbrouwer / Via

10. These sleek stripes.

audrey_ccs / Via

11. This gorgeous galaxy…

pigeon_pie_art / Via

12. …and these surprisingly glam gravestones.

april_christinaa / Via

13. Some absurdly cool quadrants.

_esthermiao / Via

14. Plus bold spots and stripes…

jilltakesphotos / Via

15. …and this strikingly sultry skyline.

missjazminad / Via

16. And finally, this delicious pizza party for one…

ryankellymua / Via

17. …and this sweet treat for dessert, of course.

makeup_by_soolmoz / Via

May your hands be steady and your pigment be bright.

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