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16 Amazing Geniuses Who Are 100% Eating In The Bathtub

These guys really know how to *eat clean.*

1. This noodle nosher who knows great things come in small, folded up packages.

laurora___borealis / Via

2. This breakfast pro, who is not fucking around.

skanicmentality / Via

3. This gourmet snacker, who really understands how to TREAT. HER. SELF.

laceylynn831 / Via

4. This fuzzy-legged feaster who knows rice is nice.

hardgain / Via

5. This tattooed taster who's sticking with the classics.

azlarian / Via

6. This pedicured petunia who totally ordered the sampler platter.

lauraelsdon93 / Via

7. This red velvet reveler, who's having her cake and bathing with it, too.

its_evergreen / Via

8. This bubbly lady, who's having a romantic date night with herself.

alainahennen / Via

9. This scarlet-toed snacker, who definitely knows what's poppin'.

thewadsquad / Via

10. This crazy cool chick, who knows bubbles pair perfectly with broccoli.

barabuddy / Via

11. This athlete in need of a post-run pastry.

http://katie.e.gordon / Via

12. This no-hands nommer.

cj_rsport / Via

13. This salad adventurer, who's berry happy to have some downtime.

meliss146 / Via

14. This pizza princess.

courtney_ann_black / Via

15. This ice queen, who totally gets the pleasures of hot vs cold.

misslinzirutherford / Via

16. This person, who knows In-N-Out is the place to go ALL out.

olivialoren1017 / Via