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16 Amazing Geniuses Who Are 100% Eating In The Bathtub

These guys really know how to *eat clean.*

1. This noodle nosher who knows great things come in small, folded up packages.

2. This breakfast pro, who is not fucking around.

3. This gourmet snacker, who really understands how to TREAT. HER. SELF.

4. This fuzzy-legged feaster who knows rice is nice.

5. This tattooed taster who's sticking with the classics.

6. This pedicured petunia who totally ordered the sampler platter.

7. This red velvet reveler, who's having her cake and bathing with it, too.

8. This bubbly lady, who's having a romantic date night with herself.

9. This scarlet-toed snacker, who definitely knows what's poppin'.

10. This crazy cool chick, who knows bubbles pair perfectly with broccoli.

11. This athlete in need of a post-run pastry.

12. This no-hands nommer.

13. This salad adventurer, who's berry happy to have some downtime.

14. This pizza princess.

15. This ice queen, who totally gets the pleasures of hot vs cold.

16. This person, who knows In-N-Out is the place to go ALL out.