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Bad Cooks: What Are Your Go-To Recipes?

Because a girl can't live on cereal alone.

If you're not #blessed (or at least extremely educated) in the kitchen, you know that things...don't always go as planned.

@kathryn_munday / Via

But hey, you gotta eat, and takeout can get awfully expensive.

Terror Squad

So, terrible cooks of the world, what are your standby recipes? Something heartier than cereal or PB&J, but still simple enough that even you can't mess it up?

Sara Maternini / Via Flickr: piperita

What recipes do you use to feed yourself when you're reliably bad at cooking? Tell us what you make and how in the comments (you can even send a photo using the dropbox below), and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.