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    13 People Prove That Style Can Be Radical

    "I'm dressing for strength now, for myself and for people I love."

    Fashion is more than just how you look — it's also about the message you wish to send to the world. With this in mind, BuzzFeed asked 13 activists, bloggers, and other creators how they use style to define themselves in today's America.

    Bukky Ojeifo, Social Entrepreneur at Hair on Purpose

    Marquis Neal, Social Media Influencer, Blogger, and Body-Positive Activist

    Sana Rashid, Blogger at ModHijabi

    Hannah Stoudemire, Fashion Stylist/Influencer and World Activist

    Magdalena, Blogger at Pretty Cripple

    Hortencia Caires, Blogger at StyleFeen

    Sarah Chiwaya, Plus Fashion Blogger at Curvily

    Jacob Tobia, Writer and Host of NBC News' Queer 2.0

    Jason DaSilva, Filmmaker and Creator of AXS Map

    Jimmy Levar, Model and Recording Artist

    Aimee Fleck, Artist and Publisher

    Corey Kempster, Trans Femme Advocate, Writer, and Community Builder, and Jarrid Jones, Black Trans-Femme Artist and Fat-Positive Advocate