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13 Women Show Off Their Most "Unflattering" Outfits

"Life is too short to be anything but kind to yourself."

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1. Essence

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"Growing up in the South, people would always say things to me like 'You need to get some meat on them bones' and 'All you need is a little cornbread to thicken you up.' I was told that figure-hugging dresses didn't 'look right' on me because I wasn't curvy enough fill them out. Now, as a grown woman, I've fallen in love with my body, and I wear what the hell I want simply because I feel like it!"

2. Elaina

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"I look a bit like I'm about to go teach a kindergarten class how to sing. I'm not supposed to wear this because the beige color doesn't go well with my paler complexion, and the material is supposed to either be super clingy to 'accentuate' my thinness, or heavier and fuller to give myself the illusion of curviness. And some people describe the print as too loud. But I love it, and it is great for twirling, and it lets me channel my inner kindergarten-teaching lioness."

3. Krutika

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"Fashion advice always circles back around to 'covering up your problem areas.' Vogue isn't exactly jumping to tell me that my lumpy soft belly and its accompanying dadbod would look great in bikinis and crop tops ... In fact, the first time I tried to buy a crop, I was told that it didn't do me any favors because of the way my stomach hung out by the (former) friend who was with me.

"The reality is, crop tops and high-waisted pants/skirts look great on me ... but to be honest, the real reason I love wearing them is because I like how surprised people seem when they compliment me."

4. Caroline and Christina

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"I'm 6 feet tall. I've seen many women's magazines and websites advise tall women on how to 'properly' dress or even disguise their height. There's a male gaze component as well: Tall women always get this message that we need to prove we can look feminine and stereotypically desirable to men while also towering over them. Vertical stripes, high heels (which make me nearly 6-foot-6), and cropped pants are often on the 'don't' list, but I choose to wear these items because one, I'd never want to disguise or play down a feature that's made me the person I am today, and two, I could not care less about looking 'too tall' and intimidating to men, or anyone for that matter. That's their problem, not mine." —Caroline

"Ever since classmates in my school made fun of my seventh-grade science teacher for wearing sandals with socks, I've thought it was a fashion choice that equalled social suicide. But sometimes in the summer my feet get sweaty, which makes wearing sandals more difficult than it should be, so I just started doing it! Plus, I get to show off more of my sock game. And if socks can be worn with heels, then they can totally be worn with sandals." —Christina

5. Rachel

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"I'm 5-foot-1, and every magazine I've ever read tells me I shouldn't wear maxi dresses because they'll... I don't know, reveal how short I am? Whatever. I feel like Mother Nature in this dress. Maybe Mother Nature is a short lady, too."

6. Julia

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"Flats over heels, every damn day. I'm 5-foot-3 and curvy with short legs, and I am sick of fashion magazines telling me I need to elongate my legs by wearing high heels. Heels hurt, end of story.

"I want to be able to run, dance, jump, and not have my toes go numb. And if I have to choose between not being able to walk or looking like an actual tree stump, I pick tree stump. Besides, there's nothing wrong with my stumpy legs — in fact, they're cute as fuck."

7. Dria

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed

"One day last summer, my friend who owns a vintage boutique said, 'I have the perfect thing for you!' As I modeled this pink sequin top, our other friends gave me feedback that ranged from 'granny' to 'church lady' to 'naw, girl.' And yeah, in my younger days I would think this top was from The Golden Girls. But I'm bolder and wiser now, and I loved it immediately, even if it is frumpy!"

8. Karen

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"Supposedly, short and petite folks shouldn't wear long, flowy things because they'll look 'swallowed up.' Um, no. This drapey black dress–shawl combo channels Stevie Nicks and makes me look like a magical being, which is a plus for any outfit/body type."

9. Sarah

Sarah Kobos/BuzzFeed

"I'm tall and kinda curvy in that I have really big hips and a narrower waist, so everyone tells me to wear things that fit me or cinch my waist. But sometimes comfy and cute dresses that turn me into a tent are the best, and I love 'em."

10. Nora

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"Like Sarah, I'm wearing a big potato sack dress, which I've never seen a magazine recommend for any body type. I got this dress on a family trip to Prague, so it makes me think of time with loved ones and how beautiful the city was, and the print on it is apparently straight from the notebook of the woman behind Dream Nation, which makes me want to go out and create things. Plus, it's soft like pajamas and has pockets, so it's a wonder I don't wear it every day."

11. Lindsay

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"This outfit is a grab bag of all the 'shouldn'ts' in my closet. I'm 5-foot-10, so I wore my four-inch heels. I can't tell you how often people say, 'Oh my god, you're so tall,' which I'm sure is meant as a compliment, but just makes me feel like a pine tree. I stopped wearing heels for a while but then realized that I love wearing them, so I'm just going to do it anyway.

"I chose two mixed prints for my main outfit. I love mixed prints, but they say that ladies who aren't stick figures aren't supposed to wear this look. Still, this is my favorite outfit and I don't care! Lastly, the top is sleeveless, which is an apparent no-no for anyone without Gisele arms. Even though I should feel more self-conscious in this outfit because I'm 6-foot-2 in heels and wearing loud prints, I feel kick-ass."

12. Kaye

Lauren Zaser/BuzzFeed

"To be honest, I am nervous about this picture because my upper arms are the part of my body I am most self-conscious about, and always have been. I've always been a fat kid, and for years I refused to wear any sleeveless tops at all, or even ones whose sleeves are shorter than normal.

"I started weight-lifting, and got to the point where I could squat 300 pounds — and then I hurt my spine. I haven't been able to work out for a while and I'm back to being super self-conscious, but you know what? Screw it. My arms are just fine, and so are yours. Summer is too long to suffer in long sleeves, and life is too short to be anything but kind to yourself."