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We Asked 10 Women To Style The Same Dress And This Is What Happened

"I don’t want a ‘signature.' I like to be Kim Kardashian one day, J.Lo the next, Beyoncé after that, and then Janis Joplin."

Maybe you've wondered at some point how to wear that little black dress in the back of your closet. We've had the same question, so we took one dress and asked 10 rad women to style it their way. Here's what they did.

1. Jessica

Blog: Not Jess Fashion

Instagram: @notjessfashion

"I like to stay relatable by mixing high and low fashion. For instance, I'm wearing this dress with Stuart Weitzman boots, but also with an Asos trench coat and a Zara necklace. In New York, I wear a lot of denim, leather, black, and grays; but away from here, you can find me in a jumpsuit, romper, or maxi dress in bright colors. I try to keep it interesting!"

2. Kelly

Blog: Kelly Augustine

Instagram: @kellyaugustineb

"I go through style phases the way I think everyone does. Recently, I've been considering things like cost per wear, which has helped me refine my wardrobe a little bit (but only a little). I think a moto jacket fixes anything, and this one is convertible — I'm wearing it cropped, but there's an extra piece you can zip onto the bottom to make it longer, so it's really versatile. I also love low- or mid-heel shoes, and these have a mixed media element with the patent-leather toe. I like the classics, just elevated."

3. Magdalena

Blog: Pretty Cripple

Instagram: @prettycripple

"I love color, mixing prints, and anything with a vintage vibe, like this jacket and hat — the art of wearing a hat is something that I think has largely disappeared. I've been surprised in the past few years at how much I've grown to love sneakers, hence today's footwear, and I wear these pink gloves not only to help me grip my wheelchair better, but also because I'm obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld."

4. Beck

Blog: The Manfattan Project

Instagram: @manfattan

"I would call my style fluid girly. What I love about fashion is I can change my look drastically without a lot of commitment, so one day I can dress like a punk rocker, and the next like a ballerina. Today, I paired my dress with a drape-y cardigan because I love its movement, and wore a necklace in the same springtime color scheme. I also wore heels, which I'm always a sucker for even though I'm 6'3"; I figure I might as well go all out."

5. Sunita

Blog: Sunita V

Instagram: @sunitav_

"My personal style is eclectic. It can depend on my mood or the weather; sometimes I'm a stereotypical New Yorker in all black, sometimes I'm more of a hippie, and some days I like to go more mod. Today, I went for a glam party look that wouldn't overpower the dress — just a patterned jacket, dangly earrings, and lace-up heels with contrasting colors."

6. Katie

Blog: The 12ish Style

Instagram: @the12ishstyle

"My personal style is downtown with an uptown twist; I like to say there's a little bit of prep in there with the edginess. Today's style was kind of like a kindergartener in Tokyo; you could see the outfit on a small child, which is an aesthetic I feel as comfortable in as I do a tight dress with cleavage and heels, but tends to work a little better for daytime."

7. Tiffany

Blog: Love, Grey Skies

Instagram: @tiffanydiana

"I like minimal looks, and usually wear neutrals or black with the occasional print. Mostly, I look for pieces that will show off my curves, and try to keep it simple and stylish. This leather jacket is one of my staples, and I thought the ankle socks and striped shirt would add an element of texture and edge."

8. Sarah

Blog: Curvily

Instagram: @curvily

"I tend to wear a lot of black, but make sure it's a conscious choice; if I'm in black, it's because I want to be, not because I'm hoping it will make me look skinnier. So I can go very minimal, but often have a pop of something else, too. For this dress, I ended up doing a more summery look than I initially planned, adding a clutch with a bold pattern and red lipstick for that 'pop.'"

9. Steffy

Blog: Steffy's Pros and Cons

Instagram: @steffyspandcs

"I would classify my style as somewhat vintage-inspired, though it's gotten more simplistic over time. I also like to be a little edgy. Today I wore my go-to vintage boots, threw a plaid over the top of the dress to give it a kind of grunge feeling, and added tights and a hat, because it was cold!"

10. Dana

Blog: Who's That Girl?

Instagram: @whosthatgirldana

"I like to be Kim Kardashian one day, J.Lo the next, Beyoncé after that, and then Janis Joplin. I don't want a 'signature'; I want to be something different all the time, and I love the freedom clothing gives me to do that. As for styling this dress, I thought, How can I make it as luxe as possible? I ended up with a faux fur, gold accessories (I'm all about the gold), and a red lip. I feel like Miss New York — Miss Fifth Avenue."