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    This Dreamy, Salty Soap Will Make Your Loofah Obsolete

    Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap lives up to its name — and lets summer linger in your bathroom all year long.

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    Hello. I am a bar soap person, descended from a long line of bar soap people.

    But I’m glad to say I’ve found the answer — the perfect bar of soap that satisfies my urge to exfoliate, too. I give you: Havssalt Tval Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap.

    Nora Whelan / BuzzFeed

    I first discovered this soap ($22.65 for a pack of four 4.3 oz. bars) a few summers ago at an aunt’s house on Long Island. When I realized I kept returning with a particular excitement to — of all things — shower, I knew it was time to stock up on some of my own.

    In addition to its excellent scent (which I, a non-fragrance expert, can describe as “invigorating but not overpowering”), the soap contains small sea salt crystals for just a liiiiittle of that satisfying, abrasive loofah feeling.

    Nora Whelan

    Is this not the cutest soap bar you’ve ever seen? (Boop!) The sweet nautical packaging doesn’t hurt, either. I was even excited to buy it its own little circular house when it wouldn’t fit in my standard lozenge-shaped holder. Nothing but respect for MY soap.

    And if this isn't convincing enough, may I direct you to its 4.8-star average review on Amazon? Hundreds of people raving about soap can't be wrong!

    Sure, it's more expensive than my old Duane Reade six-packs, but at 4.3 oz. per bar, it lasts significantly longer than its 3.8 oz. counterparts — in my experience, a month-plus as opposed to the usual three-ish weeks.

    With its sandy texture and fresh sea-air smell, this soap feels like a scrap of summer stashed in my bathroom all year round, autumnal breezes be damned. To me, it’s Sweden’s finest export…next to Bill Skårsgard, of course.


    Get a four-pack of Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap from Amazon for $22.65.

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