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Which "That's So Raven" Scenes Are So Good, They Prove This Show Was The Best 2000s Disney Channel Show?

That's So Raven was truly ahead of its time.

Disney Channel in the 2000s was filled with some of the most iconic shows. One of which was That's So Raven, which is actually celebrating its 20th(!!!!) anniversary this year.

I've recently been rewatching episodes, and this show still holds up to this day. So, I want to know what YOUR favorite That's So Raven moments are.

Maybe you're like me and you still laugh so hard when Raven pretends to be a famous pop star, Liz Anya, and Chelsea delivers the iconic lunchbox line.

Perhaps when you were younger, you didn't realize how many important stories the show told and how they're some of the best episodes, like when Raven decides to model the dress she designed after the person running the fashion show didn't want her to because she didn't look like a typical model.

Maybe you love a really early episode of That's So Raven, like how literally the third episode of this show gifted us with the dancing iguana scene.

Heck, perhaps you think That's So Raven was at its best when it wasn't afraid to be totally weird and wild, like when Raven and Chelsea turned into cows.

So, tell us which That's So Raven scenes you love — and WHY — in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!

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