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    37 Ways "Friends" Would Be Different If It Were Set In 2018

    "The One Where Phoebe Dates the Starbucks Barista"

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / NBC

    1) First off, they would have a group chat called "The One Where We Text."

    2) The gang would also be living in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan.

    3) Chandler would be the one to tag everyone else in Facebook memes.

    4) "The One With the Accidental Instagram Like"

    5) Speaking of Instagram, Rachel would be super into it, forcing Monica to take pictures of her outfits and, of course, posting adorable pictures of Emma.

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / Instagram / NBC

    6) Joey and Chandler would spend hours binge-watching a new Netflix show, like Stranger Things.

    7) Susan and Carol would've been legally married.

    8) Phoebe would drive for Uber on weekends using her grandmother's old yellow cab.

    9) Joey would be using Tinder 24/7.

    10) Ross would moderate a subreddit where he discussed the historical inaccuracies in Game of Thrones.

    11) Phoebe would be trying to get famous on YouTube by posting her new single, "Smelly Cat."

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / YouTube / NBC

    12) Joey would've filmed Ross accidentally saying "Rachel" at the altar, and it would've gone viral.

    13) Phoebe would’ve been FaceTimed into Ross and Emily’s wedding.

    14) "The One Where Phoebe Dates the Starbucks Barista"

    15) Everyone would be trying to get Chandler to stop vaping indoors.

    16) Joey and Chandler would be thrilled that their TV was accidentally picking up HBO, not a free porn channel.

    17) Janice would've been completely confused when she eventually used Google Maps to find "15 Yemen Road, Yemen."

    NBC / Google Maps

    18) Chandler would've stayed in a fancy Airbnb when he eventually got to Yemen.

    19) The gang would've started the Twitter hashtag #UglyNakedGuy.

    20) Ross, Chandler, and Rachel wouldn't have had to "Pivot!" because their couch would've been from Ikea and they would've needed to assemble it.

    21) Joey would’ve annoyed everyone in London by overusing his selfie stick.

    22) Rachel would've drunk-texted Ross that she was "over him" instead of leaving a voicemail.

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / NBC

    23) Chandler would've accidentally emailed Ross's "pro/con" list to Rachel.

    24) Joey would be mad at Ross because he canceled their Hulu subscription, not because he taped over Baywatch.

    25) Joey would've competed on Celebrity Big Brother.

    26) Instead of being Al Pacino's butt double in a movie, Joey would be Jamie Dornan's for Fifty Shades Freed.

    27) "The One With the Juice Cleanse"

    28) Ross would've asked Siri how to get his leather pants back on instead of calling Joey.

    NBC / Apple / Siri

    29) Chandler would've gotten really into using bath bombs, not just taking a bubble bath.

    30) Everyone from high school would know about Monica and Will's (Brad Pitt) dramatic weight loss because it would've been documented on Instagram.

    31) Ross would order his sweaters from Amazon instead of from a catalog.

    32) Frank Jr. would've found Phoebe on Facebook.

    33) Monica and Rachel would be trying to beat Joey and Chandler's insane Snap streak.

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / NBC / Snapchat

    34) Joey would find Rachel's copy of Outlander instead of a random erotica novel.

    35) Phoebe would've dressed up as Wonder Woman for Halloween.

    36) "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Kale"

    37) And finally, after ending ~another~ run on Days of Our Lives, Joey would end up guest-starring in an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / ABC / NBC

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