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    15 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

    I May Destroy You continues to be the must-see show of the summer.

    🚨Obviously, MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨


    1. First, The Politician returned with Season 2 on Netflix. The new season follows Payton as he fights to unseat Dede Standish in the New York Senate race.

    Nicole Rivelli / Netflix

    2. Also on The Politician, Judith Light and Bette Midler as Dede and Hadassah are absolutely hilarious together this season as they try desperately to beat Payton and his friends.


    3. I May Destroy You centered on Arabella and Terry partying in Italy three months prior to the events in the show's present.


    4. Perry Mason premiered on HBO this week. Based on characters from Erle Stanley Gardner’s novels, the show tells the origin story of Perry Mason, a famed defense lawyer in 1930s Los Angeles.


    5. On The Bold Type, Sutton heartbreakingly learned she was going to miscarry her baby after attending the first ultrasound with Richard.


    6. Also on The Bold Type, by the end of the episode, Sutton confessed to Jane and Kat that she felt relieved she wasn't having a baby right now.


    7. The Twilight Zone returned with Season 2 on CBS All Access this week. This new season features Joel McHale, Billy Porter, Morena Baccarin, Gillian Jacobs, Chris Meloni, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and many more.

    CBS All Access

    8. On The 100, Diyoza escaped captivity and reunited with Octavia and Hope as the trio, plus Gabriel and Echo, attempted to escape Bardo.

    The CW

    In the end, the group was recaptured after Gabriel realized their plan wasn't survivable.

    9. Also on The 100, back on Sanctum, Indra decided to become Commander of Wonkru after realizing her people needed a leader — honestly, it's about time Indra took control.

    The CW

    10. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., after arriving in the '70s, the team learned that the Chronicoms helped speed up Project Insight, and some of the targets include young Bruce Banner and Nick Fury.


    11. Search Party returned with its long-awaited Season 3 on HBO Max. The new season picked up after Dory was arrested for Keith Powell's murder.

    HBO Max

    12. On Stargirl, Courtney, Yolanda, Beth, and Rick suited up for the first time as the new Justice Society of America as they tried to take down the Gambler.

    The CW

    13. The Chi returned with Season 3 this week. The new season follows Emmett as he continues to change the way his mother sees him as he moves from a teenager to a full-fledged businessman.


    14. On Council of Dads, during a severe hurricane, the rest of the Perry family found out that Scott wasn't Luly's biological father after reading her article.


    NBC also canceled the series last night, so next week's episode will act as the series finale.

    15. And finally, Doom Patrol returned with the first three episodes of Season 2 on DC Universe and HBO Max. The new season began with our unlikely heroes still tiny and now living at Cliff’s racetrack.

    HBO Max / DC

    What were your favorite TV moments this week? And what shows should we be watching this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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