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17 Times "Parks And Rec" Made You Laugh Hysterically And 12 Times It Made You Weep

"I am having so many thoughts and feelings that I'm paralyzed right now."

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6. And when Ron revealed how hurt he was when everyone left him behind, including Leslie:

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7. When Donna and Tom went all out for "Treat Yo Self 2017":


9. When Ben started making calzones and filming a claymation movie to cope with the dullness of unemployment:


18. When we learned that Jerry's real name was actually Garry:


23. When Leslie finally met her hero, Vice President Joe Biden:

24. When Jerry couldn't stop farting and all Tom wanted was for someone to call it a fart attack:

26. Everything about Ann and Leslie's goodbye when Ann and Chris moved away:

29. And finally, the last lines of the series when Ben and Leslie said they were ready for the rest of their lives:


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