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    Here Are 27 Times Kristen Bell Was The Forking Best Thing On The Internet

    Her obsession with Game of Thrones is the stuff that dreams are made of.

    1. When her kids told her how they really felt:

    2. When she proved that she was a triple threat from an early age:

    3. When she tried to stop her husband Dax Shepard from bringing home this chair from Costco:

    Twitter: @daxshepard1 / Via Twitter: @daxshepard1

    4. But failed at doing so:

    5. When she and Dax took their obsession with Game of Thrones to another level:

    YouTube / Via

    6. When she turned Frozen into an R-rated movie featuring Game of Thrones:

    Before Jon and Daeneyrs...there was Anna and Tyrion. #GameOfThrones #got

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    7. When she knew exactly how she wanted to spend her birthday:

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    8. When she took us behind the scenes of getting red carpet ready:

    9. When her kids found her doppelgänger:

    10. When she let us see how she and Dax spend their nights:

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    11. When she was completely prepared to tackle motherhood:

    My new roomate poops her pants and doesn't pay rent...basically @daxshepard1 pre-sobriety :) welcome baby Lincoln xo

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    12. When she showed us what the inside of her brain looked like:

    13. When her kids were prepared for moments of crisis:

    Overheard my daughter tell another kid:"If ur parents ever get blown away in the wind, just pick up the phone & call 891." #SafetyFirst

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    14. When Mila Kunis spun the dollar on The Price Is Right and Kristen FREAKED out:

    When you start to think all hope is lost for 2017, remember there’s always @PriceIsRight. #Mila2020 #badmomsxmas…

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    15. When she completely nailed Halloween:

    16. When she fangirled over Leslie Jones:

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    17. When this adorable Anna stole her heart:

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    18. When she tried to French kiss a bearded dragon:

    Vanity Fair / YouTube / Via

    19. When her kids made her dress up as Elsa:

    20. When she introduced us to John, her singing partner during Hurricane Irma:

    Dear @daxshepard1, this is john. My side piece in orlando. I hope u understand. Im powerless over a man who serenad…

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    21. When puberty wasn't kind to her:

    22. When she proved there's no such thing as a small part:

    I was a banana in my first play. What were you???? Also if you are interested in smiling from ear to ear tonight an…

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    23. When she just wanted to save the realm with Jon Snow:

    Last nites dream: Jon Snow & I running 4 r lives. The only thing 2 save us is a dance off. Those who failed the dance off were slaughtered.

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    24. When she was confused by where Dax decided to park his car:

    25. When she just hid a burrito in her purse on the Oscars red carpet:

    When you see me on the red carpet of the oscars tonight, just know…there’s a burrito in my clutch.

    Twitter: @IMKristenBell / Via Twitter: @IMKristenBell

    26. When she played Mary Poppins in this hilarious Funny or Die sketch:

    Mary Poppins has had enough of this shit. See @IMKristenBell in the full vid

    Twitter: @funnyordie / Via Twitter: @funnyordie

    27. And of course, when she had a meltdown over a sloth:

    Ellen / YouTube / Via