25 Times Brooke Davis Was Clearly The Best “One Tree Hill” Character

    "He should be so lucky. I am Brooke Davis."

    1. When she was proud of being herself and nobody else:

    2. When high school taught her this valuable lesson:

    3. When she got through family gatherings the way most of us wish we could:

    4. And when she taught Jamie about hangovers:

    5. When she knew love doesn't come around often:

    6. When she was really bad at playing "Never Have I Ever":

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    7. When she would do anything to protect her friends:

    8. When she told Peyton that it was important to get back up and try again:

    9. When she wanted Lucas to want her the same way she wanted him:

    10. And when she realized that if someone doesn't want you back, it's time to move on:

    11. When she revealed what she was most afraid of:

    12. When even she knew apologizing wasn't something she did often:

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    13. When she had this reaction to Julian saying "I love you" for the first time:

    14. When she decided to change Haley's name:

    15. When she called out her friends in a game of "Truth or Dare":

    16. When she turned to Jamie for some dating advice:

    17. When she summed up how everyone feels in their twenties:

    18. When she wasn't afraid to be honest with her friends:

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    19. When she knew how much she had grown throughout high school:

    20. When she just wanted Lucas to trust her as much as he trusted Peyton:

    21. And when she delivered this zinger when Lucas cheated on her with Peyton:

    22. When she became a superhero for a day:

    23. When she subtly called out how odd it was that Nathan and Haley got married in high school:

    24. When she wasn't afraid to be a little dorky:

    25. And finally, when she hoped for a better future for women: