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    Here Are 23 Times April Ludgate Melted Your Heart And Even Made You Shed A Tear

    "I guess I kind of hate most things, but I never really seem to hate you."

    1. When she and Andy introduced their son to Leslie:

    2. When she said goodbye to Ann:

    3. When she was happy that Leslie came to her wedding:

    4. When April revealed to Tom all the things she cares about:

    5. When she never wanted to hold Andy back from following his dreams:

    6. When April wrote a letter for Leslie so she could win the Women in Government award:

    7. When she sang "Time After Time" with Ann and Donna:

    8. When she said "I love you" to Andy and was happy when he finally said it back:

    9. When she made Ron proud:

    10. When she recited her vows to Andy:

    11. When she was happy she married Andy in the first place:

    12. Anytime she showcased her love for Leslie:

    13. When she told Andy that she believed in him:

    14. When Leslie gave her a plaque for a job well done at the Parks Department:

    15. When she gushed about Andy on Galentine's Day:

    16. When she showed April-level affection for Tammy One:

    17. When she never wanted to grow up:

    18. When she made Ron emotional by making marshmallow Ron:

    19. When she was an appropriate level of happy over Leslie complimenting her:

    20. When she knew the perfect advice to give Andy:

    21. When Leslie was super proud of her:

    22. When it didn't matter what happened because she knew she would always be with Andy:

    23. And finally, when she thanked Leslie for everything that she'd done for her: