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    31 Things That Would’ve Happened If "Friends" And "How I Met Your Mother" Ever Crossed Over

    Chandler and Joey would try to convince Gunther that Barney's name was actually "Swarley."

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / NBC / CBS

    1) First off, Ted would 100% end up dating Janice at some point.

    2) Ross and Ted would drown their sorrows at MacLaren's Pub as they discussed their failed relationships.

    3) Monica would go on a massive hunt for the Cockamouse and pray it didn't make it into her apartment.

    4) Lily and Rachel would both be gossiping about everyone else's relationships.

    5) Barney would take Joey on a crazy night out during which they would perform plays from The Playbook like "The Don't Drink That" and "The Ted Mosby."

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / CBS / NBC

    6) Chandler and Joey would join Ted and Marshall to convince Gunther that Barney’s name was actually “Swarley."

    7) Monica would get super into making slap bets with everyone and end up in a long-standing one with Barney over what his job is.

    8) Barney would request "the highest of fives" when Ross started dating Elizabeth.

    9) Marshall and Phoebe would sing a wonderful rendition of "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" on an epic road trip to lick the Liberty Bell.

    10) Lily would see Phoebe's twin Ursula on a date with Joey and start a rumor that Phoebe and Joey were dating.

    11) Ross would become obsessed with figuring out where the pineapple came from.

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    12) After Ross talked about being a paleontologist, Marshall would definitely ask him if the Loch Ness Monster was real.

    13) Victoria would ask Gunther if she could sell her cupcakes at Central Perk.

    14) Chandler and Joey would discover that a porn star was using Ted's name when they accidentally got free porn on their TV.

    15) Everyone would go see The Wedding Bride much to Ted's dismay.

    16) Phoebe would go around trying to convince Robin that she'd be the perfect backup singer for a Robin Sparkles reunion tour.

    Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed / NBC / CBS

    17) While in Vegas, Chandler, Monica, Marshall, and Lily would secretly try to elope, only to discover that drunk Ross, Rachel, Barney, and Robin had the same idea.

    18) Barney and Joey would compete to see who could complete the "perfect week" first.

    19) "The One With the Flashbacks," in which it's revealed that Barney and Rachel hooked up at some party five years ago.

    20) After breaking up with Ross, Rachel would get seduced by Mitch's "Naked Man" move.

    21) Barney would create the fake website ""

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    22) At Thanksgiving, it would be revealed that Ross once got high in college and that Marshall and Robin still smoke occasionally.

    23) At Chandler and Monica's wedding, Lily would desperately try to keep the secret that Rachel is pregnant.

    24) Ted and Ross would convince everyone to dress as characters from Star Wars for Halloween.

    25) Phoebe would scare Lily's kindergarten class while singing about their parents dying and what happens to cows before they eat them.

    26) While she's stuck in the kitchen cleaning up after Thanksgiving, Monica would become "The Blitz."

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    27) Phoebe would join Robin and Ted in saluting anytime someone said "major" or "general."

    28) Ted's best man speech at Punchy's wedding would be the thing to finally make Chandler cry.

    29) Marshall and Ross would both come up with questions for the trivia game pitting Rachel, Monica, Lily, and Robin against Joey, Chandler, and Barney.

    30) Robin and Ted's relationship drama would be totally usurped by Ross and Rachel's.

    31) And finally, both gangs would realize that they somehow live only a few subway stops from each other and want to hang out all the time.