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31 Things That Happened In "Gilmore Girls" That Make No Sense Now That I'm Older

When Rory took an entire year off from Yale but still managed to graduate on time like it was no big deal.

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1. When Rory got into her dream school, Harvard, but chose to attend Yale instead.

2. Better yet, Rory went to Yale for journalism, but they don't even have a journalism major IRL.

3. Lorelai and Rory were constantly worried about spending money, yet they ordered takeout and went out to eat all the time.

4. Also, Rory and Lorelai must've had massive closets because they rarely repeated outfits.


6. Lorelai and Rory's lives revolved around television and movies and yet they only had one tiny TV for the longest time.

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Lorelai even got angry when Christopher wanted to put a flatscreen TV above the mantel later on.

8. When Rory took an entire year off from Yale but still managed to graduate on time like it was no big deal.


10. Rory seemingly never learned from her mistakes. Namely, she was constantly cheating with her ex-boyfriends.

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She slept with Dean while he was married, and then in the revival she slept with Logan even though he was engaged (and she had a boyfriend).


17. Michel was a terrible employee who never did his job without complaining, and yet Sookie and Lorelai kept him around.

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Even better, in the revival when Michel announced he was leaving, Lorelai acted like it was the end of the world.

18. The Dragonfly Inn notoriously had money problems, but they bought all of this food for approximately 10 to 15 guests.

20. I'm still confused about how Jess managed to completely demolish Rory's car when he swerved to avoid a small animal.

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Especially because when Rory got hit by a deer earlier in the series, the car suffered only a minor dent.


21. Even though Stars Hollow was in Connecticut, every time it snowed was a really big deal.

22. When Rory went to visit Jess in NYC the same day as Lorelai's graduation and didn't realize that she might not make it back in time.

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Hartford, Connecticut, where Chilton is located, is a solid two and a half hours by car from NYC. So did Rory really think taking a local bus would get her back in time to not miss Lorelai's graduation?

24. Lorelai broke off multiple engagements and no one really seemed to care.


26. The fact that Mr. Kim wasn't seen until the revival, but we were supposed to believe he was always around.


Throughout the original series, Lane constantly referred to her "parents," plural.

28. The fact that Kirk worked multiple jobs in Stars Hollow and could just not show up to some of them whenever he felt like it.


31. And finally, Rory's entire storyline in the revival.


She cheated on her boyfriend, screwed up a job interview because she thought she deserved a better role, and was a terrible journalist who only wanted to make herself look good. *Sigh*