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31 Things That Happened In "Friends" That Make No Sense Now That I'm Older

The fact that they were in their twenties in NYC and they only went out to a bar like once.

1. First off, just the outrageous size of Monica and Rachel's apartment in Manhattan.

2. The fact that Richard knew Monica when she was a child and still thought it was okay to date her.

3. Moreover, Phoebe didn’t want Frank Jr. to marry Alice because she was twice his age, but everyone was fine with Monica and Richard.

4. The fact that Rachel and Chandler were introduced to each other for the first time on three separate occasions.

5. The fact that the gang had all of this free time to hang out at Central Perk.

6. Better yet, when Central Perk supposedly let them reserve their favorite table for the better part of a decade.

7. When they would just barge into each other's apartments without even seeing if it was okay.

8. The fact that they were in their twenties in NYC and they only went out to a bar like once.

9. The fact that almost everyone kissed or hooked up with a family member of one of the other ~friends~ at some point.

10. The fact that Rachel was the last one to turn 30, but Joey was apparently the youngest in Season 1.

11. When the show couldn't deal with Rachel not being in a relationship, so she and Joey started dating.

12. The way the gang treated Janice because, honestly, she wasn't actually that bad.

13. Everything about the "fat Monica" storylines.

14. When no one seemed to realize the problem with Rachel hiring Tag just because she liked him.

15. The fact that Ross only seemed to care about his children when it was convenient to the show's plot.

16. When Ross didn't trust Rachel AT ALL while they were dating.

17. When we learn that Ross was Monica's first kiss ever.

18. When the gang would make fun of Ross's career any chance they got.

19. Every time they made fun of Chandler's dad when it was completely unnecessary.

20. When Ross had a massive problem with employing a male nanny for Emma.

21. When Ross didn't want to tell Rachel they drunkly got married in Vegas because he didn't want to be divorced again.

22. When Joey and Chandler made such a big deal about sitting in the chair in Monica's apartment.

23. The fact that Chandler and Joey were able to keep the Chick and the Duck in their apartment.

24. The fact that they lived in NYC and never took the subway.

25. The fact that Monica, Chandler, and Ross had stable careers in their twenties and they acted like it was weird that Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe didn't.

26. The fact that Ross had to teach Rachel how to do her laundry.

27. When Joey, who notoriously had money problems, somehow found enough cash to afford a boat.

28. When Joey and Chandler weren't more concerned when they got robbed.

29. When Rachel assumed Joey was proposing to her in the hospital.

30. When the only way for Ross to get his apartment was to get naked with Ugly Naked Guy, the previous owner.

31. And finally, the entire "we were on a break" saga.