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    Sara Bareilles And Josh Groban Hosted The 2018 Tony Awards And Damn, They Were GREAT

    "We're perfectly suited to be because did you know, neither one of us has ever won anything."

    1. First, Sara and Josh dedicated their opening number to the people who lose, like themselves:

    2. And then, when they put a spotlight on the incredibly hardworking ensemble members in this year's Tony nominated shows:

    3. When they parodied Sia's "Chandelier" while singing about a Broadway performer's busy schedule:

    People were just SUPER impressed with their parody:

    Are we gonna talk about how sara bareilles casually sang one of the hardest note transitions ever written into a pop song earlier and just kept going or

    Twitter: @rachsyme / Via Twitter: @rachsyme

    I want Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban to release an entire Sia parody album #TonyAwards

    Twitter: @SarahBurbur / Via Twitter: @SarahBurbur

    4. When they dressed up as each other's Broadway roles in The Great Comet and Waitress respectively:

    5. When they let people know where they've probably heard their music:

    6. When Josh got REALLY into Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and turned himself into Harry himself:

    7. And when Josh poked fun at Sara's delayed magical skills:

    8. When Sara sang part of "All That Jazz" and people quickly wished for her to join Chicago:


    Twitter: @cimzim / Via Twitter: @cimzim

    9. When they had a good laugh about the LOOOONNNGG plays on Broadway this season:

    10. And finally, the duo ended on a poignant note, when they dedicated their final song to the people who dream:

    Basically, this was everyone's reaction to their incredible hosting job:

    Can I be best friends with @SaraBareilles and @joshgroban?! 🙏🏼 #FriendshipGoals AND #HostGoals happening right now at the @TheTonyAwards 🙌🏼 #TonyAwards

    Twitter: @thelibbyshow / Via Twitter: @thelibbyshow

    I'm going to need Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles to musically narrate every part of life #TonyAwards

    Twitter: @TaylorNLear / Via Twitter: @TaylorNLear

    Petition for @joshgroban and @SaraBareilles to host the @TheTonyAwards every year pls😍😂🤣 #TonyAwards

    Twitter: @hanabananawellz / Via Twitter: @hanabananawellz