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    33 Moments From "Grey's Anatomy" That Are Still The Craziest Things To Happen On TV

    14 seasons of OMG moments only Grey's Anatomy could come up with.

    1. Let's start at the very beginning, when Meredith learned she had slept with her new boss Derek.

    2. And then when Addison showed up, revealing that she was Derek's wife.

    3. The infamous train wreck that caused two strangers to be stuck together by a pole.

    4. When Meredith had her hand on a bomb inside a patient...and then the bomb exploded.

    5. When Izzie convinced Denny it was a good idea to cut his LVAD wire in order for him to get on the donor list for a new heart.

    6. And then when Denny died after everyone thought he was going to be okay.

    7. When Lexie showed up and revealed that she was Meredith's younger sister.

    8. Just everything about the active shooter in Seattle Grace Hospital.

    9. The patient that sawed off his own foot because he was convinced it wasn't actually his foot.

    10. When someone's pet lion got out and mauled several patients.

    11. Of course, when Izzie began seeing ghost Denny...and had sex with him.

    12. When Izzie learned the reason she was seeing Denny was because she actually had cancer.

    13. The patient who was encased in concrete because his friends dared him to jump in it.

    14. When Lexie had to help a patient whose carotid artery literally burst while they were talking.

    15. When Meredith drowned after the ferry boat crash and the entire team successfully brought her back to life.

    16. When George and Alex had to operate on a patient while they were trapped inside an elevator.

    17. When Burke left Cristina at the altar and Meredith had to cut her out of her wedding dress.

    18. When George discovered he caught syphilis from Alex after Alex slept with his girlfriend.

    19. When Meredith's mom Ellis was unexpectedly admitted into the ER and her lucidity floored everyone!

    20. When George failed his intern exams and had to repeat being an intern.

    21. When Cristina was stabbed by a falling icicle after telling Meredith her and Derek's relationship will never work.

    22. When Meredith was brutally attacked by a patient and had to have her jaw wired shut.

    23. When Henry died on Cristina's operating table...and she didn't even know.

    24. When most of the team was involved in a fatal plane crash that ended up killing Lexie and Mark.

    25. When Cristina decided to take another job and left Seattle Grace and Meredith.

    26. When Maggie arrived and was revealed to be Ellis and Richard's child.

    27. When Derek died after saving an entire family from a horrible car crash.

    28. When we found out Jo was actually married and "Jo" wasn't even her real name.

    29. When Ben decided it was a good idea to operate on a pregnant mother in the hallway while the hospital was on lockdown.

    30. When Callie started dating Penny, one of the doctors that was partially responsible for Derek's death.

    31. When Owen's sister Megan was found alive after everyone thought she was dead for several years.

    32. When Stephanie was trapped inside the burning hospital with a young patient.

    33. And finally, when we learned that the bus crash victim "John Doe" was actually George.

    Don't see your favorite OMG moment from Grey's Anatomy here? Tell us your fav in the comments below!