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    Here Are 15 Kitchens That Are Already Living In 3018

    You need these things in your kitchen ASAP!

    1. This kitchen cabinet allows you to put your dishes away wet and they'll drip dry right into the sink:

    u/pearseL / Via

    2. This McDonald's uses a conveyor belt which brings food down from the kitchen on the second floor:

    u/flynngilmore23 / Via

    3. This toaster has a "lift and look" button when you want to check your toast's progress:

    u/stefanielouise / Via

    4. This oven that has buttons for heating up pizza AND chicken nuggets because it knows what our priorities are:

    u/marksman96 / Via

    5. This kitchen that has a built-in ladder so you can grab things in those hard to reach cabinets:

    u/AccordingtoJP / Via

    6. This bakery delivers freshly baked bread to the kitchen using a conveyor belt of hanging baskets:

    u/bagomojo / Via

    7. This kitchen in a cooking class that has a mirror so students can see exactly what the teacher is doing:

    u/Levelis / Via

    8. This cutting board also doubles as a knife guide:

    u/AtwanZ / Via

    9. This microwave has a button where you can shut off the annoying "beep" that sounds when your food is ready:

    u/kfaust3032 / Via

    10. Meanwhile, this microwave also has a toaster for those of us that live in a tiny apartment and need the extra space:

    u/troyareyes / Via

    11. This fridge comes with an explanation for all the weird sounds you might here coming from it:

    u/Aussie_bro / Via

    12. This dishwasher projects how much time is left on the floor:

    u/mekc8 / Via

    13. This fridge has a built-in water pitcher, so you can bring ice cold water right to the table:

    u/FocusPuRe / Via

    14. This kitchen multi-tool so that you never have to go searching through drawers again:

    u/56367337 / Via

    15. And finally, there's this kitchen play set for kids that comes with a Keurig because it's 2018:

    u/BEgirl69 / Via