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    27 Moments From "Grey's Anatomy" That Haunt You To This Day

    *"Chasing Cars" plays softly in the background*

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what moment from Grey's Anatomy haunts them to this day. Grab some tissues and get ready to relive some heartbreak.

    Warning: 14 seasons worth of spoilers ahead!

    1. When Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd died and broke us into a million pieces.


    "When McDreamy died, I went through four out of five stages of grief before I got to work. I was seriously heartbroken for like a week. I still can’t really rewatch that episode. It breaks my soul. It’s been two years and I still haven’t reached stage five of grief: acceptance."


    2. When Meredith had to explain to her kids that their dad wasn't coming home.


    "The moment that haunts me most is when Meredith told Zola that she 'couldn’t fix' Derek. I’ll never be able to get Zola’s voice out of my head, telling her mom to fix her dad and Mer admitting that she can’t."


    3. When Burke left Cristina at the altar and we all cried alongside her.


    "Maybe it’s because the same situation happened to me or maybe it’s because seeing Cristina Yang emotional is rare (it’s probably a little of both). But when Burke leaves and Meredith has to physically cut Cristina out of her wedding dress left me heartbroken."


    4. When Lexie knew she was going to die after the horrific plane crash.


    "Lexie's death. 100%. It was the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen. 'Tell Meredith I love her'?? I CAN'T. I CRY EVERY TIME!"


    5. When we sat there and watched Mark relive all his happy memories before he died.


    "Mark's death, hands down, had me sobbing more than anything else. All the flashbacks, everything that was said, how he was living through 'the surge' just to die later? Damn you, Shonda. My heart will never recover!"


    6. When Lexie and Mark were both gone and we realized we'd never get to see their happy ending.


    "Lexie and Sloan. They were so in love and wanted to be with each other, and LITERALLY AS SHE'S DYING A HORRIFIC DEATH is when they tell each other how much they care about each other and their dreams for the future. I sobbed. For an embarrassingly long time. I had to remind myself that these people aren't real."


    7. When Izzie and Denny's love story was cut short after he unexpectedly died.


    "I have an entry in my childhood diary from the night Alex held Izzie in his arms after Denny died. All it says is, 'I can’t stop crying! DENNY IS DEAD. Nothing will be the same.' I still remember going to bed sobbing that night. I was 11 years old."


    8. When we learned that "John Doe" was actually George.


    "The episode where George died will forever be with me! I was binge-watching the show after a break up with a longtime boyfriend and after that episode I cried so much harder than I had at the breakup. It made me realize I cared more for this fictional character than I did my ex!"


    9. When Jackson and April lost Samuel.


    "When Jackson and April's baby died. I had suffered two miscarriages the year prior and had complications. It really affected me. I cried for days after."


    10. The infamous train accident that made us feel for two complete strangers.


    "When Bonnie died after being impaled on the pole with Tom. Meredith tried desperately to save her, but it was no use. Then, Derek had to go tell her fiancé her dying words, 'If love was enough, I would still be here with you.' I knew then this show would destroy me on a regular basis."


    11. Cristina's final words of wisdom to Meredith before she left.


    "Honestly, Cristina’s last episode breaks my heart still! Meredith and Cristina’s final dance party :( I wish she’d come back!"


    12. When Bailey helped a father say goodbye to his dying daughter.


    "When the little girl was dying and her dad was trying to get her to Mexico for experimental treatment. Bailey tells him she is going to die and says, 'She needs her daddy for this part.' I only watched that episode one time because it is too painful."


    13. When we watched Adele Webber go through Alzheimer's.


    "When Adele Webber died and the last scene was Richard and Adele dancing to 'My Funny Valentine,' it felt like a family member was dying. Watching a beloved character’s mind decay like that and it being so realistic... *cue the Kim K ugly cry.*"


    14. When Meredith was brutally attacked by a patient.


    "The whole episode where Meredith got attacked and temporarily went deaf and had to have her jaw wired shut. Then, she scared her kids with her wired jaw because all she wanted to do was smile because she was so happy.... Too much, Shonda. Too. Much."


    15. When Henry died on Cristina's operating table...and she didn't even know.


    "When Yang performs surgery on Teddy's husband Henry and doesn't know it's him. When she found out that he died, she then has to go assist in surgery with Teddy (while Teddy knows nothing about what happened). My heart broke for both of them."


    16. When there was an active shooter in Seattle Grace Hospital.


    "THE SHOOTING EPISODE WHEN MEREDITH IS DOING THE INTRO AND SHE SAID, 'This is my home. My happy place. Correction...was,' and Gary Clark (the shooter) passes her. OMG IT WILL HAUNT ME FOREVER!"


    17. From when Alex was found bleeding out in the elevator...


    "I probably cried the most in my life when I watched the episode where the shooting took place at the hospital. The scene where Alex was in the elevator after getting shot just finished me off."


    18. when Cristina had to perform surgery on Derek with a gun to her head.


    "When Meredith was begging the shooter to kill her instead of Derek while Cristina and Jackson were operating on him. Jackson pulls the heart monitor so Derek 'flatlines' and you can literally see Meredith's world fall apart."


    19. And of course, when Bailey tried desperately to save Charles.


    "During the hospital shooting, Bailey and Mandy Moore's character Mary try to help save Charles. When Bailey realizes the elevators won’t work, she melts down but then gathers herself to comfort Charles as he passes... That still messes with me."


    20. When Meredith had her hand on a bomb inside a patient.


    "The episode where Meredith is in the operating room with the patient with the bomb in him. I loved Kyle Chandler in that episode, and it broke my heart when he blew up."


    21. When Maggie's mom died of cancer.


    "When Maggie was painting her mom's nails when she had breast cancer. Her mom told her to go open the window in the room and by the time Maggie came back, her mom was dead. Her mom didn’t want to die in front of her!! All the feelings."


    22. When Owen hurt Cristina during a PTSD episode.


    "After Owen choked Cristina in his sleep, Cristina tried so hard to support Owen through his PTSD. Then, Cristina admitted that she was afraid to fall asleep next to Owen. It was so heartbreaking."


    23. When Meredith and Derek had to say goodbye to their dog.


    "When they had to put Doc down. The first time I saw it was around the time my childhood dog had to be put down. Every time I see it, it's like reopening a wound that's barely healed."


    24. When Alex had to institutionalize Rebecca.


    "The moment that really stuck with me was the one where Rebecca/Ava is being admitted into the psych ward. Karev is sitting with her and she tells him she just wanted to be better for him! It was so heartbreaking for him and her!"


    25. When Demi Lovato's character showed up and proceeded to rip our hearts out.


    "When Hayley (played by Demi Lovato) was put on meds for schizophrenia and tried to kill herself because she knew that's not what was wrong with her. Then Alex finds out that it’s not schizophrenia but she actually has a small hole in her eardrum, and the girl has been telling the truth the whole time... That episode really sticks with me still."


    26. Anytime "How to Save a Life" or "Chasing Cars" started playing.


    "Honestly, moments where 'How to Save a Life' or 'Chasing Cars' played. You knew something was about to go down when you heard those songs and that you were probably going to cry. Every time I hear them I immediately think of Grey's."


    27. And basically every time a character cried, laughed, or even spoke.


    "Literally every single fucking episode."


    We're going to send our therapy bills to Shonda.


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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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