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    15 "Grey's Anatomy" Storylines That Would've Completely Changed The Show If They Happened

    Derek and Addison were originally going to have a teenage daughter.

    1. First, Bailey and George were originally going to be a central couple on Grey's Anatomy.

    2. Burke was originally going to have a wife and children. His storyline would've focused on feeling "trapped" in his marriage and wanting to leave his wife.

    3. In addition to Derek leaving Addison, the duo was supposed to have a teenage daughter who was going to be the one to convince Derek to work at Seattle Grace.

    4. An original storyline idea involved Cristina falling in love with a patient, like Izzie did with Denny.

    5. In the early stages of development, Meredith and Burke were going to be a couple.

    6. There was originally going to be a flashback episode dedicated to George's final moments before the bus crash that ultimately killed him.

    7. When planning Patrick Dempsey's exit from Grey's, one of the ideas involved Derek simply leaving Meredith and their kids.

    8. During Season 2, Cristina was originally going to have an abortion instead of suffering an ectopic pregnancy.

    9. After Lexie died, one of the ideas was to have Mark move to Los Angeles and rekindle his romance with Addison.

    10. During the 300th episode, there was originally an idea to put all of the ghosts of Meredith's past in the OR gallery when she won the Harper Avery Award.

    11. Originally, Cristina's dad was going to be alive and would've been a major investor in Seattle Grace.

    12. Part of Shonda's original plan for the show was for Meredith to not have children.

    13. Callie was originally supposed to appear in the Season 14 finale, which was Arizona's final episode as a series regular.

    14. Before the show decided to put DeLuca and Meredith together, they almost had Meredith date a European scientist.

    15. And finally, while the series would not be the same without Ellen Pompeo as Meredith, Lexie Grey could've become the central character if Ellen left the show.

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