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Um, Jeremiah From "The Princess Diaries" Is Super Hot Now And I Don't Know How To Process It

Talk about a Disney glow-up.

So, recently I decided to re-watch one of my all-time favorite movies, The Princess Diaries.


While watching, I did some digging to see what the cast is up to today, and what I discovered about one of the characters BLEW ME AWAY.


Y'all remember Jeremiah? The dorky kid that Lana, played by Mandy Moore, infamously made fun of, causing Mia to cone her?


Yeah, well he's SUPER attractive now and I'm not exaggerating a single bit.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

His name is Patrick John Flueger and I'm 100% obsessed with him.

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

He's come a VERY long way from his days as a red-haired magician.

Disney, Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Here he is with his ~adorable~ puppy soaking up the LA sunshine.

This is him enjoying a nice walk on the beach.

And here he is shirtless because why the hell not.

If you're wondering what Patrick has been up to for the last 17 years, he's stayed busy as an actor!

Jim Young / AFP / Getty Images

So, you'll understand my shock when I learned that he's in a show I watch! He stars as Adam Ruzeck in NBC's Chicago P.D.


Look at him goofing around with his co-star Marina Squerciati.

Daniel Boczarski / Getty Images

And here he is in Paris with his other Chicago P.D. co-star Jesse Lee Soffer.

It's clear that Jeremiah from The Princess Diaries 100% Neville Longbottomed and damn, I am so grateful.

Disney, Instagram: @pjflueger / Via

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