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23 Facts That Will Probably Alter Your Perception Of These TV Shows

In Game of Thrones, the Night's Watch furs are actually rugs from Ikea.

1. In Game of Thrones, the Night's Watch furs are actually rugs from Ikea.

2. John Krasinski filmed the footage of Scranton, Pennsylvania, that appears during the opening credits of The Office.

3. The tutu Sarah Jessica Parker wears in the opening credits of Sex and the City cost only $5.

4. Matt LeBlanc dislocated his shoulder while filming the Friends episode "The One Where No One's Ready."

5. Jay Jackson, best known for playing Perd Hapley in Parks and Rec, was a newscaster IRL.

6. Stranger Things was originally titled Montauk because of the Montauk Project, a conspiracy theory about psychological experiments being conducted on children.

7. While filming Gilmore Girls, Alexis Bledel didn't like coffee, so her cup was always filled with soda.

8. Queen Elizabeth II's mother was such a big fan of The Golden Girls that the cast was asked to recreate scenes for her, live at the London Palladium.

9. The "Previously, on Lost..." voiceover before every episode was voiced by Lloyd Braun, an ex–ABC executive who originally greenlighted the show.

10. Seth Green based the voice of Chris from Family Guy on the serial killer Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

11. The reason every episode of SNL begins with the phrase "Live from New York, it's Saturday night" is because when the show first started, there was another show also named Saturday Night Live.

12. On The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, sometimes the hometown dates aren't at a contestant's actual home.

13. Taylor Hicks received more votes to win American Idol than Ronald Reagan did during the 1984 presidential election.

14. Matthew Broderick was offered the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad before Bryan Cranston.

15. In the How I Met Your Mother episode "Something Blue," the engagement that happened behind Robin and Ted was real.

16. In Grey's Anatomy, real surgeons are sometimes brought in to perform the surgeries whenever you see an extreme close-up of a doctor's hands.

17. Ted Danson spent two weeks attending a bartending school in California to prepare for his role as Sam in Cheers.

18. Even though Modern Family's Luke isn't the smartest, Nolan Gould graduated from high school at age 13.

19. While filming The X-Files, Gillian Anderson had to stand on an apple box because she's so much shorter than David Duchovny.

20. In Boy Meets World, Shawn and Eric rarely had scenes alone together because Rider Strong and Will Friedle had trouble keeping a straight face.

21. The Bayside High School set from Saved by the Bell was also used in That's So Raven and iCarly.

22. In The O.C., the Cohens' pool was actually only 4 feet deep.

23. And finally, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead may take place in the same universe.