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13 Wow-Worthy Ways To Unleash Your Adventurous Side In Everyday Life

Just because you basically do the same things every day doesn't mean you can't make things feel new and no one knows new better than noosa!

1. Ask your hairdresser to just give you whatever they think would look good on you.

2. Sit next to a stranger on a park bench and strike up a conversation.

3. Get a friend to a pick a recipe at random and make it for them.

4. When crossing the street with people, lead them in a silly chant.

5. Try to pair two different types of food that don't really make sense together.

6. Go for a walk — and let your dog lead the way.

7. Go on a vacation to a new city or country by yourself.

8. Take yourself out for a romantic dinner.

9. Pick a random song you've never heard for karaoke.

10. Create a whole new identity for yourself and have your friend call you by your new name in public.

11. Get off the train or bus a couple stops before your usual one and walk the rest of the way.

12. Eat dessert before dinner.

13. Order an item off the "secret menu" at a restaurant...that you completely made up and see what happens.

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Bring a little adventure to snack time with yoghurt that's both extremely Aussie bold and Colorado fresh from noosa.

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